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The Looney Labs 2023 Lineup

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The Looney Labs 2022 Lineup

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We made a new base version of Fluxx! 

What do you get when you start with the familiar Keepers from Fluxx and reimagine everything else? Fluxx Remixx! This version of the base game is intended to be a little more advanced and a little more chaotic than the “milk and cookies” version. With a whole new slate of Goals to work toward and New Rules, Actions, and Surprises that keep things hopping, you can be sure zaniness will ensue! And since this is a "remix," it's got musical references throughout, just for the fun of it. Here comes the sun!

Jigsaw Puzzles!


We have had tons of fun creating jigsaw puzzles! We've chosen what we think will be challenging but fun images for you, and you can choose the number of pieces from 6 to 1000!

And the best part is that you can invite your friends to play with you, or simply send them a link when you think they might need a bit of cheer! Thanks for playing with images of our games!

You have 21 puzzles to choose from: Aquarius PuzzleAre You a Robot?Astronomy Fluxx PuzzleChemistry Fluxx PuzzleFantasy Fluxx PuzzleFluxx PuzzleFluxx Español PuzzleGet the MacGuffin PuzzleJust Desserts PuzzleLoonacy PuzzleMartian Fluxx PuzzleMath Fluxx PuzzleNature Fluxx PuzzleOz Fluxx PuzzlePirate Fluxx Puzzle • Pyramid Arcade PuzzleRetro Loonacy PuzzleSeven Dragons PuzzleStar Fluxx PuzzleTime Breaker Dinosaurs PuzzleWonderland Fluxx PuzzleZendo Puzzle


Looney Labs is celebrating our 25th anniversary with a series of intimate virtual events with our fans that we’ll be running all year long. We expect to run over 100 of these events, and one $25 ticket gets you into as many events as you can squeeze yourself into!
Events? You will find everything from simple gaming sessions with the Looneys, to Q&A sessions, previews of upcoming prototypes, playtesting sessions for said new designs, and the opportunity to play some of Andy’s famous PARSEly game modules.


Print out your favorites and send them to all of your friends!

Remember back in elementary school when you would make a shoebox mailbox and all your friends would put valentines in it? Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, and we've got some cards you can give to your friends and loved ones to tell them you enjoy their company. There are 20 designs to choose from, in either foldable greeting card or cut-apart postcard formats.

We have also created a romantic way to play our party game Choose One with your sweetie. It's a print-n-play option described in Andy's blog post Choose One for Two - you will need to print a new board and cards, and you do need a copy of Choose One (only $16 this week in our webstoreto play. 

Happy Valentines Day! 


Fantasy Fluxx Now Available


It is time for the card game of ever changing adventurers!

Fantasy Fluxx boasts both Creepers and Surprises. But that's not all the fun we have in store for you. Several Keepers have special powers, including spell casting and invisibility. And new Actions allow you to cast specific spells including Healing and Fireball! So gather your adventuring party and let's get going...  

Buy your copy from your local store, our web store, or wherever you typically buy games. 

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Thank you to everyone who has made our games part of your gifting season! We appreciate the business and wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Cool Yule!

For those who are still intending to ship gifts for Christmas, TOMORROW, DECEMBER 15TH, is the cut-off the USPS gives for regular delivery to make it by the 24th. There are still UPS options after that, but they can be more expensive. You can find more shipping details here

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas!

New games launching on Nov 12th


We are excited to confirm that SIX new products from Looney Labs will be arriving in November, just in time for holiday gift-giving!

Nomids • Ice Duo • Martian Chess • Homeworlds
Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx • 2nd Zendo Expansion

Please keep these great games and the rest of our line in mind when you're making out your holiday shopping list. With over 40 games costing just $15-$20, we're sure to have something for everyone, bringing fun and laughter all year long.




SpongeBob Fluxx

The Nautically Nonsensical Ever-Changing Card Game!


Order now from 


or online from Looney Labs


Update April 28th, 2020

  • Our team of employees will continue to work from home for the forseeable future, so that other businesses in Maryland that can not so easily work from home can begin to open up first. We received a PPP loan to cover our payroll for the next 8 weeks - we are here, we are working - let us know if you need any games! 
  • Our warehouse is fully operational again!  They were declared essential from the beginning, because they are a courier for critical repair parts in the DC area, but we didn't want to push them to ship for us until they were ready to take on more work.  They are situated and ready and can now ship anything we need shipped. If your local game store has started shipping or has curbside service - please support them. If you don't have a local store, you can order from store.LooneyLabs.com
  • We have delayed our May 21st launch of SpongeBob Fluxx until enough of our stores are open again for it to make sense to release the product. The movie has also been delayed to July 31st. 

Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter

On Kickstarter until March 17th, 2020 (coming to distribution October 2020) 

Pyramid Quartet is a set of 4 portable and delightful abstract games that use these Looney Pyramids. You can take them anywhere and play them everywhere! With a wide range of game styles, there’s something for everyone!  

Vistit the Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter page for lots more details!


Astronomy Fluxx, the ever-changing card game of space exploration, has entered Earth’s atmosphere and we’re really excited!

This is the latest installment in our educational Fluxx series, and possibly the most gorgeous Fluxx we’ve ever made. With stunning NASA photography and black backgrounds, the Keeper and Goal images are truly awesome. Students of astronomy will learn about the planets and other objects within our solar system and beyond, as well as the history of humankind’s space exploration. Filled with fun New Rules like “Name a Constellation” and “Orbiting Planets,” and Actions such as “Supernova,” you’re sure to be as entertained as you are informed.

Grab a copy at a store near you today!

Looney Labs' Holiday Gift for 2019!


Our Holiday Gift for 2019 is a brand-new print-and-play game for two players: 


It’s a game about picking up pieces of candy that you play with actual pieces of candy!

You also need a special gameboard and 5 game pieces. You can play with easily found household objects or, if you own Pyramid Arcade, you can use 5 pyramids. We’ve made the rules available in two different formats, depending on what kind of game pieces you choose to use!



Congratulations to game designers Keith Baker (of Twogether Studios) and Andy Looney (of Looney Labs) on reaching their 200th episode of their podcast, The Download!

This podcast is a weekly romp through the minds of these two long-time friends and successful game designers. You'll hear their thoughts on movies, books, TV, and various geekery of all kinds - plus you often get a sneak peek into what to expect next from their respective companies.

CLICK HERE to listen to episode #200 and all the rest.

READ MORE to hear about the game we made to celebrate! 


For adventurers, Avengers, and everyone in between - Marvel Fluxx and Jumanji Fluxx are coming, and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it!  But WHEN, you ask? WHEN?!? There is a lot of confusion about the release date on this product, and we’re here to clear it all up!

We are very happy to announce today (Press Release) that Looney Labs has once again partnered with Playdek to make Fluxx available to smart phones and tablets everywhere. Back in 2012 we partnered with Playdek to make an electronic version of Fluxx for the iPhone. The app was awesome - Andy has played over 3000 games with fans on his phone over the last 7 years!
Coming July 18th, 2019, the new updated app will run on both iOS and Android and will also be coming to PC and Mac via Steam later this year.
The app works for 2-4 players in three modes: pass-and-play, AI opponent(s), and online play. We are particularly excited about the new chat feature! There will be both in-game and global chat interfaces. One of our goals for digital Fluxx is to allow fans to find friends worldwide to enjoy a game of Fluxx with. Being able to chat with those friends as you play is part of the fun. We’re looking forward to playing a game of digital Fluxx with you!


Cardinal / Looney Labs Partnership

We are announcing a partnership with Cardinal Industries to produce exciting new versions of Fluxx!
Looney Labs will sell a specialty edition with 7 bonus cards not found in Cardinal's mass market edition. Both versions will display a premium poker chip style collectible turn token in a clear window on the front of the package!
Look for both titles to hit stores this summer!



Our 2018 Holiday Gift is a print-n-play Looney Pyramids game called ICETOIDS

In IceToids, a gameboard is created out of 16 special tiles. The symbols are hidden at first and are gradually revealed as players explore the board. Be the first to position your three pieces on the three tiles that display the icon of your color. 

2-4 players can play! Equipment needed: 16 IceToids tiles + 3 pyramids per player.

ICETOIDS rules  <-- the rules PDF

ICETOIDS Print-n-Play <-- print doubleside on cardstock, cut out tiles & tokens (in case you don't have pyramids)

Deluxe ICETOIDS Tiles <-- high quality tiles produced on demand by The Game Crafter. A printed copy of the rules and the Pyramid Arcade-style card for IceToids is included. The tiles that replace pyramids in the print-n-play version are not included. 

Read Andy's Blog for more details on the development of IceToids!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Looney Labs!!


Picks that aren't just for kids!


Fairy Tale Fluxx and Mary Engelbreit Loonacy
both went on sale on Sept 6th 2018! 

After the annoucement almost exactly six months ago of our partnership with Mary Engelbreit, Looney Labs is proud to present Fairy Tale Fluxx and Mary Engelbreit Loonacy!

Fairy Tale Fluxx brings the zaniness of the card game of ever-changing rules to the land of happily ever after. Gather Keepers to fit the current fairy tale Goal and you win; but look out for the Witch and the Wolf! This version of Fluxx is a wish come true!

Mary's artwork also now brightens the cards of our latest version of Loonacy! This version features some of Mary Engelbreit's most beloved works in a fast-paced matching game that's fun for all ages.



Star Trek FluxxStar Trek: TNG Fluxx, and the Star Trek Bridge Expansion
both went on sale on Aug 2nd 2018! 

Set a course for the final frontier with Star Trek Fluxx! Featuring Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the rest of the original series crew, you’ll take command of the Enterprise, and face Creepers like Klingons, Romulans, and the terrifying Doomsday Machine. You might even find yourself playing Fizzbin or Venting the Warp Core to explore new worlds and collect the Keepers needed for victory! Or, decide to beam yourself aboard the Enterprise-D for a game of Star TrekThe Next Generation Fluxx! Join Picard, Riker, Data, and the rest of the TNG crew, to gather the Keepers you need for victory – but don't let Creepers like Q or the Borg keep you from your mission! With new cards like Darmok and the Rule of Acquisition, this version of Fluxx will take you into the 24th Century!

imgAre you missing Yolanda and Jubal Early from Firely Fluxx, and the Radioactive Potato from Fluxx 5.0? Do you want to be able to create your own cards in Nanofictionary, or be able to shuffle your Star Trek and Star Trek: TNG Fluxxes together? Say no more! By adding new Goals, new Keepers, new Rules, and much, much more, Looney Labs has ensured that you can extend your enjoyment of your favorite games past your wildest dreams. Play with your friends, family, strangers or enemies, just don't miss these new expansion packs!

Please contact your favorite Local Game Store to order your copies or click here to purchase them online from us. Additionally, detailers for retailers can be found here.


We have 2 new games!



Anatomy Fluxx & Get the MacGuffin
both went on sale on April 5th 2018! 

Please contact Your Favorite Local Game Store (if you have one) to order your copies (or click the links above to order online from us.) 

If you have an awesome local game store - please tell them about our Get the MacGuffin launch kit (details for retailers

Thanks for playing our games! 

On November 23, 2017 we will release our newest variety of Fluxx, featuring one of our most-requested themes: Doctor Who!
So what will Doctor Who Fluxx contain? The Doctor, of course, in as many different incarnations as we could squeeze in! We’ve got everyone from the first Doctor all the way up to the twelfth. But not the 13th… she’s still in the process of regenerating! But we’re already planning a promo card appearance for her later. (Same with the War Doctor.)
What makes all these Doctors particularly fascinating is the way they interact. To begin with, since they are all the same person, many of the Goals can be satisfied with any version of The Doctor...

We Make Games That Teach

Looney Labs games have always been educational. Fluxx won the Mensa Select award way back in 1999!
We are coming out with so many new educational games this year that we decided we needed a catalog and website dedicated to all our brain-building options. Please take a look at our new catalog and website!  
EDU Catalog        •         EDU Website


Thanks for teaching with our games!



Check out this 80 seconds of Tom Vasel talking about MATH FLUXX!