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Looney Labs put out two press releases announcing new partnerships this week in conjunction with the NY International Toy Fair.

Mary Engelbreit™ & Star Trek

We will be publishing several new titles with each of these new licenses later this year - stay tuned for more information and images as our development continues...



imgOur 2017 Holiday Gift is a digital release of rules for a new game for Looney Pyramids called Lava Flows!

In Lava Flows, be the first to move your pieces to the other side of the board, assembled as three Cinder Cones (a Large capped by a Medium of the same color). Don’t forget whose pieces are hidden under whose! Once your six pieces are arranged on the opposite side of the board as three Cinder Cones, one per space, you win!

2 can play with 6 black pyramids and 6 white pyramids (3 mediums and 3 larges of each). Players will also need a 3x3 grid as a game board.

The rules PDF is now online: LAVA FLOWS 

A Pyramid Arcade-style card for Lava Flows will be included for free with every order shipped from Our Webstore between November 23 and January 14. After January 14, it will be available in our store for purchase.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Looney Labs!

On November 23, 2017 we will release our newest variety of Fluxx, featuring one of our most-requested themes: Doctor Who!
So what will Doctor Who Fluxx contain? The Doctor, of course, in as many different incarnations as we could squeeze in! We’ve got everyone from the first Doctor all the way up to the twelfth. But not the 13th… she’s still in the process of regenerating! But we’re already planning a promo card appearance for her later. (Same with the War Doctor.)
What makes all these Doctors particularly fascinating is the way they interact. To begin with, since they are all the same person, many of the Goals can be satisfied with any version of The Doctor...

Zendo will be in stores soon!

After years of refinement and playtesting, we are proud to present our new vision of this popular 2003 classic.

The new Zendo is available for pre-order now! 

For those who’ve never played Zendo, it’s an inductive logic game in which one person serves as Moderator, and sets forth examples of arrangements of pieces (Structures) which either follow, or do not follow, a secret Rule. Players take turns building additional Structures and learning whether or not they also follow the secret Rule. The first player to officially guess the secret Rule wins!


Nano for NaNoWriMo!

Attention Writers! NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, so it’s time to be gearing up and getting ready!
Yes, November is National Novel Writing Month, for those creative souls ready to motivate themselves to hammer out a new novel by writing a little each day during Month #11. Because sometimes, when you’re trying to get the creative juices flowing, you need the type of structure and restrictions that NaNoWriMo provide.
If you plan to take the NaNoWriMo challenge, or just want to support those who are taking the plunge, our story-telling card game, Nanofictionary, can help get the juices flowing!    <READ MORE>

We Make Games That Teach

Looney Labs games have always been educational. Fluxx won the Mensa Select award way back in 1999!
We are coming out with so many new educational games this year that we decided we needed a catalog and website dedicated to all our brain-building options. Please take a look at our new catalog and website!  
EDU Catalog        •         EDU Website


Thanks for teaching with our games!



Check out this 80 seconds of Tom Vasel talking about MATH FLUXX!