April 2018 --> We are closing down our (very loosely organized) Game Tech (i.e. Demo Team) program. We will no longer be asking our fans to run demos of our games without us at events we are not ourselves attending. You are always welcome to demo our games, but we will not be organizing/asking/rewarding any of these efforts. For many years we have been saying we plan to build a better reward program (like the Mad Lab Rabbit program from our early days) but we have now decided (for many logistical and legal reasons) to instead shut down the limited program we have had in place since we shut down our Rabbit program. 

Unfortunately, the software we were using for our fan club forums (NING.LooneyLabs) has already been shut down. We had started archiving and making plans to turn the site off, so we have most of the raw data, but it shut down before we announced the changes. The forums have been publicly archived, but the user profiles, pages, event reports, and photos have all gone away from public view. If there was something that you really want back from your profile or events, please ask, we should be able to retrieve the raw data for you. We are very sorry we did not provide notice of this website going away while the data was still live. 

Game Tech Volunteer Survey  <-- if you have been a part of our demo team in the past, and want to have a chance to demo or playtest with Looney Labs in the future, please take this survey. This will get you included in our new internal database of fans/friends whom we try to make sure we contact when we will be visiting a city near them.

Thank you for your interest in the LOONEY LABS FAN CLUB

There isn't any kind of official thing you need to sign up for to be a member of the Looney Labs Fan Club - all you need to do is jabber enthusiastically whenever the subject of our games comes up. Pretty simple, really. Thank you for being a fan of Looney Labs Games!

Here are some places you can find other fans, and places you can find out what is going on in the world of Looney Labs...




We don't have an organized demo program, but we do keep an internal database of fans/friends who are interested in hearing from us about any playtesting and/or demo opportunities that may become available when the Looneys are traveling nearby where they live. You can add youself to this database by taking our Looney Labs Volunteer Survey.


Over the years we have had various official fan club and demo team groups, all of which are no longer active. We had active mailing lists (archived here) back in the late 90's through 2009, and a NING forum from 2010 through 2017 (archived here). Andy's old Wunderland blog (archived here) is another great place to explore old content from Looney Labs. Thanks for your interest in our games and our history!