We have a strict MAP Policy (which our distributors help us enforce) not to sell Our Games to retailers who list our products for sale anywhere on the internet for anything less than 5¢ under our full MSRP. 

Welcome, Retailers!  

Welcome to the Retailer section of Looney Labs - we love our retailers! The network of Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) who promote and sell our games are indispensable partners in our efforts to publish games, and we are always seeking to support them. This page is all about the many ways we can work with your game store (or your toy, book, or gift store) to sell our products together.

Questions? Call (301-441-1019) or email us (retailers@looneylabs.com).


About Our Products
We publish award-winning, original card games and board games. All of our games are listed in our 2019 Full Catalog plus Updates for 2020.
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Opening an Account
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The first step towards becoming a Looney Labs Retailer is to fill out this form telling us about your store. For access to our Online Retailer Store please fill out this registration.
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Once you become an approved Retailer, our zip-code based Store Locator will help our fans know how to find your store.
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OR...  you can order our games direct via FAIRE!
Getting Stocked
Retailers can buy our games either directly from us or through one of our authorized distributors.
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Order via FAIRE

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Order Directly

  • Online: store.looneylabs.com/pages/retailer-info
  • Email: retailers@looneylabs.com
      (download order form: SPREADSHEET or PDF )
  • Phone: 301-441-1019 (leave a message for a call back)

Full Returnability
100% returnability of saleable copies
(customer pays return shipping). 
Retailer Resources
Point of Purchase Display
We have an awesome new POP display, with several available configurations, focusing on Family Games, Popular Culture, and Educational.

Request Our Product Info Spreadsheet
Email us (retailers at looneylabs.com) to request a subscription to our Excel data file. If you are not in our datebase, our first request will be to ask you to fill out our New Store Info form.

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Find GCCs, Testing Docs, and CPSIA Tracking #s here.

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Thanks for selling Looney Labs games! 


Our POP displays in action @Fenwickbooks 

Our POP displays in action @WanderingDragonGameShoppe