An Epic Interstellar Space Conquest Game


Homeworlds is a deep abstract strategy game of perfect information, resource management, and galactic war. Can you destroy your opponent's Homeworld before their space fleet reaches yours? The set contains 36 pyramids in 4 colors.

This is the game Andy Looney likes so much he will give a medal to anyone who can beat him at this game!

30 – 60
8 – Adult

Game Play

What Chess is to medieval warfare, Homeworlds is to space warfare. The goal is simply to eliminate your opponent from their homeworld, while defending your own. A limited common supply of pyramids are used to create both star systems and spaceships, each color providing specfic powers in the game (red to attack, yellow to move, green to grow, and blue to transform). Monitoring the pieces available in the economy is as important as the moves you make on the table.


Homeworlds - Sample Game