The Card Game of Ever Changing Doctors!

On November 23, 2017 we will release our newest variety of Fluxx, featuring one of our most-requested themes: Doctor Who!
So what will Doctor Who Fluxx contain? The Doctor, of course, in as many different incarnations as we could squeeze in! We’ve got everyone from the first Doctor all the way up to the twelfth. But not the 13th… she’s still in the process of regenerating! But we’re already planning a promo card appearance for her later. (Same with the War Doctor.)
What makes all these Doctors particularly fascinating is the way they interact. To begin with, since they are all the same person, many of the Goals can be satisfied with any version of The Doctor...
But watch out for the Blinovitch Limitation Effect! [wikipedia] When this New Rule is in play, there can only be one Doctor in play, which means all Doctors except the one with the highest number must immediately be discarded!
Other Keepers in Doctor Who Fluxx include the TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver, of course, along with a slew of companions. Most of these are from the more recent era, but you’ll still find Sarah Jane Smith in the mix, plus everyone’s favorite robot dog, K-9!
The Creepers in this version are, obviously, the various villains and monsters we all know from the Doctor’s adventures, including Cybermen, the Master, Weeping Angels, and, of course, a small army of Daleks.
Doctor Who Fluxx features all-new artwork created specifically for this version, and we think it looks brilliant.
Please ask for Doctor Who Fluxx wherever Looney Labs games are sold. As the 10th Doctor would say, “Allons-y!”