What are Looney Pyramids?

Looney Pyramids are multi-purpose game pieces used for playing numerous different abstract strategy tabletop games. 

These colorful plastic pyramids were created in 1987 and are conceptually similar to a deck of playing cards. If you have a set of these pyramids in your bag, you'll always have a game to play!
The pyramids come in 3 sizes, referred to simply as Small, Medium, and Large pieces, and are available in a plethora of colors.
How Do You Play With Looney Pyramids?
Games for the pyramids are many and varied. They range from easy, luck-based fillers to challenging, pure strategy brain-burners. Most pyramid games require additional equipment, such as dice, gameboards, cards, and tokens, but some call only for pyramids and a flat playing surface.

Equipment: First you will need some pyramids. The pyramids have been sold in a variety of different packaging styles over the years. Currently, the core product is Pyramid Arcade, which contains 22 complete games and a full-spectrum set of 90 pyramids. A new line of smaller sets focused on specific games was released in fall 2020, collectively known as the Pyramid Quartet games.


imgRules: There are now hundreds of different pyramid games being played by the community of pyramid fans, and more are being invented all the time. Whichever game you start with is always just the beginning... the system invites you to learn other games. This page provides a jumping-off place for finding to the rules to your next favorite pyramid game. See also the Meta Rules of pyramid games for high-level game concepts.


History: The pyramids have a long, rich history (some of which is fictional). The pyramids started as pieces for a complex and mostly forgotten game called Icehouse, but in 1993, when Andy challenged himself and his friends to invent other games for the pyramids, they discovered just how versatile these game pieces really are.


Community: There’s an active fanbase for players of pyramid games, who are known as Starship Captains. To gain this title, you need to learn at least ten games, then make a list of your favorites, ranked by desire to play.

How can I buy Looney Pyramids?


If you are new to the system, you have two options for getting started.

Pyramid Arcade: This big boxed set includes 90 pyramids and everything you need to play 22 games. It's a full library of games in one box!
Pyramid Quartet: These four small boxed sets (NomidsMartian ChessIce Duo, and Homeworlds) each focus on a single game (or two, in the case of Ice Duo) with the four sets in the series providing a range of game complexities as well as different combinations of pyramids.

No matter which way you go, you can always expand your collection in the other direction later, since the more pyramids you have, the more different games you can play!

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