Get the MacGuffin

Who will be eliminated next?

Get the MacGuffin is a quick game where players must make clever use of a limited hand of cards ranging from ridiculously powerful to just ridiculous. A calculated risk might gain you the coveted MacGuffin, but can you hold onto it until the last card is played? Is the MacGuffin even out there at all?


Game Play

To start, deal the cards out equally (maximum five cards). Set the remaining few cards aside. On your turn, either play a card, discard an Object, or use the power of an Object. There are several powerful cards that may become yours during the course of gameplay. The player with the MacGuffin will frequently win the game, but holding onto that card can prove quite difficult! When you're out of cards, you're out of luck!



Plan C ExpansionPlan C is an expansion for Get the MacGuffin 
featuring 6 never-before-seen cards! These cards have amazing
powers that really shake things up. You can use your Third Eye to
peer beyond the veil or bring something back from the past with the
assistance of the Time Traveler. Of course, when the chips are
down, you can always cross your fingers and fall back on Plan C!

Card List:

  • Actions: Third Eye; Don't Do That; The Time Traveler; The Major General; and Robin Hood
  • Object: Plan C

Promo Cards:

  • Fist Bump: It doesn't do much, but it's fun! We were giving these out to promo the game at conventions when it was first released.




Get the MacGuffin - Sample Game