Martian Chess

A Mind-Bending Chess-Style Game

Martian Chess is a fast and easy-to-learn yet mind-bending Chess-style game: ownership of pieces is determined not by color, but by location on the gameboard. For this edition, we have created a new opaque color*: "Martian Red." Since color has no meaning in this game, all 18 pieces in the set will be of this new color.

*The Kickstarter exclusive version featured chrome silver pyramids which will not be going into distribution, but we will have limited quantities available in our webstore until they run out.

10 – 20
8 – Adult

Game Play

As in Chess, each type of piece has its own way of moving, and you capture by entering an opponent piece’s square. However, you can move only the pieces sitting in your section of the board, and you can only attack pieces in another player’s zone. Thus, a piece changes ownership after it attacks. The game ends when a player has no pieces left in their zone.




Martian Chess - Sample Game