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Lab Notes Index 


2022-12: December Notes from the Lab  Solo Fluxx and introducing Rosie 

2022-11: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! 

2022-09: September Notes from the Lab  Price Changes & Pirate Season

2022-07: July Notes from the Lab  More Packs & Shopify Updates

2022-01: January Notes from the Lab  Fluxx Remixx & Silver Jubilee Wrap-Up

2021-11-21: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

2021-10-29: October Notes from the Lab  3 New Products & Silver Jubilee Updates

2021-07-02: July Notes from the Lab  Q2 Raffle Winners & July Events Are Up

2021-06-17: May Notes from the Lab  New Online Store & Silver Jubilee Updates

2021-03-31: March Notes from the Lab  Raffle Winners & Wonderland Fluxx

2021-02-28 February Notes from the Lab  Aquarius for Easter & Three Unvaultings

2021-01-41: January Notes from the Lab  Bucket Raffles & Silver Jubilee Update

2020-12-31: December Notes from the Lab  Fantasy Fluxx & Silver Jubilee

2020-11-20: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

2020-11-02: October Notes from the Lab  Holiday Gift & Pyramid Quartet

2020-09-30: September Notes from the Lab  Halloween Fun & Voyager Fluxx

2020-09-01: August Notes from the Lab  Updated timetables & Zendo Expansion #2

2020-07-28: July Notes from the Lab  SpongeBob's Going to Gen Con!

2020-06-19: June Notes from the Lab  Happy Juneteenth!

2020-04-29: April Notes from the Lab  Pyramid Quartet Update

2020-03-31: March Notes from the Lab  SpongeBob Fluxx is at the Printer!

2020-02-19: February Notes from the Lab  Pyramid Quartet Kickstarter

2020-01-09: January Notes from the Lab  Free CGI Subscription & 2019 Convention Promos

2019-12-04: December Notes from the Lab  Holiday Gift & Astronomy Fluxx

2019-11-08: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

2019-10-10: October Notes from the Lab  The Download Podcast, Extra Life,
                           & International Games Week

2019-09-09: September Notes from the Lab  Talk Like a Pirate Day & Doctor Who Fluxx

2019-07-25: July Notes from the Lab  Marvel & Jumanji Fluxx, Star Trek Chrono-Trek,
                           & Are You A Robot?

2019-06-21: June Notes from the Lab  Custom Loonacy & Vaulting Batman Fluxx and
                           Uglydoll Loonacy

2019-05-21: May Notes from the Lab  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx & Plan C

2019-03-27: March Notes from the Lab  Time Breaker & Fluxx Blanxx Challenge

2019-02-08: February Notes from the Lab  A Year of Time Travel & New Promo Cards

2018-12-15: December Notes from the Lab  2018 Holiday Gift & Vaulting Are You A Werewolf

2018-11-13: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

2018-10-19: October Notes from the Lab  Halloween Games & Artist Spotlight

2018-09-24: September Notes from the Lab  Star Trek Fluxxes & Artist Spotlight

2018-08-24: August Notes from the Lab  Star Trek Fluxxes & Artist Spotlight

2018-04-27: April Notes from the Lab  Changes to Our Fan Club Program

2018-03-28: March Notes from the Lab  Get the Anatomy & Artist Spotlight

2018-02-28: February Notes from the Lab  New Games at the Printer
                           & Ex-Exclusives in the Webstore

2018-01-02: January Notes from the Lab  Happy New Year and Artist Spotlight

2017-12-05: December Notes from the Lab  Our 2017 Holiday Gift & Artist Spotlight

2017-11-09: November Notes from the Lab  Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

2017-10-17: October Notes from the Lab  Social Media & Artist Spotlight

2017-09-14: September Notes from the Lab  Doctor Who Fluxx & Just Coffee Expansion

2017-08-03: August Notes from the Lab  Looney Labs Merch Store & Zendo Survey

2017-07-18: July Notes from the Lab  Nanofictionary & Artist Spotlight

2017-06-22: June Notes from the Lab  Videos & Mad Libs: The Game

2017-05-09: May Notes from the Lab  Chemistry Fluxx & The Download

2017-04-04: April Notes from the Lab  Artist Spotlight, Fully Baked Ideas, & Amsterdam

2017-02-09: February Notes from the Lab  Math Fluxx, Valentine's Day, & Education

2017-01-13: January Notes from the Lab  Better with Bacon & Your FLGS!

2016-12-02: December Notes from the Lab  Pyramid Arcade & Pyramid Accessories!

2016-11-10: November Notes from the Lab  Looney Labs' 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

2016-10-13: October Notes from the Lab  Promo Cards & Holiday Gift Sign-up

2016-08-16: August Notes from the Lab  International Looney Labs' Games!

2016-06-23: June Notes from the Lab  Firefly Fluxx Coins and LooneyCon!

2016-05-02: May Notes from the Lab  Pyramid Arcade on Kickstarter - Two Days Left!

2016-04-05: April Notes from the Lab  Pyramid Arcade on Kickstarter!

2016-03-10: March Notes from the Lab  Uglydoll, Firefly, and Mad Libs!

2016-02-11: February Notes from the Lab  Happy Valentine's Day!

2016-01-15: January Notes from the Lab  Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, Fluxx!

2015-11-30: November Notes from the Lab  Looney Labs Holiday Gift Guide!

2015-10-28: October Notes from the Lab  'Tis The Season!

2015-09-28: September Notes from the Lab  Hey Cool Cats, Retro Loonacy is a Gas!

2015-08-28: August Notes from the Lab  We're on a roll with Fluxx Dice!

2015-07-28: July Notes from the Lab  Get ready for Batman Fluxx!

2015-06-23: June Notes from the Lab  Con Season is Here

2015-04-30: April Notes from the Lab  Our Newest Release 

2015-03-27: March Notes from the Lab  Introducing the Download  



Notes from the Lab Index

2015-02-05: February Notes from the Lab New Logo!  

2014-12-05: Holiday Gift Guide! Give the Gift of Gaming  

2014-11-11: November Notes from the Lab Cartoon Network Fluxx  

2014-10-15: Holiday Gift Announcement Sign Up for our Holiday Gift!  

2014-09-29: September Notes from the Lab Fluxx has a Theme Song!  

2014-09-12: Early September Notes from the Lab Who Needs Rules, Anyway?  

2014-07-17: July Notes from the Lab New Fluxx Edition in Store July 25th!  

2012-01-01 : Treehouse Returning to Stores Near You!  

2012-07-27 : Introducing Cthulhu Fluxx - Get ready for the insanity!

2012-03-01 : Introducing OZ Fluxx - Here Comes a Cyclone of Fun!

2011-11-23 : Introducing Pyramid Shambo - Happy Holidays from Looney Labs!

2011-09-09 : It's the return of the Icehouse Game System - And Star Fluxx lands soon!

2011-06-24 : Introducing Seven Dragons - Featuring Stunning New Artwork by Larry Elmore!

2011-01-25 : Pirate Fluxx is Almost Here - Yarr! Grab yer Cutlass! Pirates Are Taking Over Fluxx!

2010-11-25 : Give the Gift of Fun This Holiday Season - Looney Labs Games Make Great Gifts!

2010-08-02 : Get Ready for Back to the Future - Go Back in Time. Save The Future!

2010-03-08 : New Versions of Eco Fluxx and Family Fluxx - Now Shipping!

2009-11-27 : Introducing Nothing Beats a Large - Happy Holidays from Looney Labs!

2009-10-26 : Chrononauts release date delayed - The Time Machine is Caught in a Time Loop!

2009-09-30 : Introducing Martian Fluxx - And coming Soon is Chrononauts!

2009-08-31 : Aquarius celebrates it's 10th Anniversary - And Coming Soon is Martian Fluxx!

2009-08-05 : Are You the Traitor? is Available Now - Are Your Friends Good or Evil?

2009-05-18 : The Castle Expansion for Monty Python Fluxx is Here - Traitor is on the Way!

2008-11-04 : Fluxx 4.0 is Coming Soon - It's Time for an Upgrade!

2008-08-29 : Month Python Fluxx is Almost Here - It's Funnier Than a Flying Cow!

2008-06-04 : Who's the Zombie Boss? - Add the Zombie Boss card to your Zombie Fluxx deck!

2008-03-25 : Introducing Zark City - Andy has Invented Yet Another Fun Icehouse Game!