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What's Fluxx?


Fluxx is a card game. Actually, it’s dozens of different card games, each their own variation on the original.


Fluxx is a game about change, and it changes as you play it. We call it the card game of ever-changing rules, and that’s exactly what happens — you change the rules. How you win can also change from one turn to the next. Every game is different!


Fluxx is the flagship product of Looney Labs, and was invented on July 24, 1996.



How Do I Get a Copy?


You can probably find numerous different versions of Fluxx for sale at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). Please use our store locator to find the FLGS nearest you that carries our line! And if you can't buy from your local store, you can always order from our online store.


The Basics


So how does Fluxx work? How do you play?


One good way to learn is by watching our sample game videos and tutorials!


But since you’re here, let’s go over the fundamentals. In addition to a special card called the Basic Rules, there are 4 main types of cards in every version of Fluxx: Keepers, Goals, New Rules, and Actions.





Getting Started




The game begins by placing the Basic Rules in the center of the table and dealing 3 cards to each player.

The person who gets the game started, by dealing the cards, goes first.

Then you simply follow the Basic Rules, as augmented by any added New Rules that are played, until someone meets the current Goal!


Sample Game


Here's a diagram of what a game in progress looks like.
If you want to watch an actual sample game, check out our videos!


How To Win


To win a game of Fluxx, all you have to do is meet the conditions set forth on the current Goal. Although there are some unusual goals out there, most of the time a Fluxx Goal will require you to have a particular combo of two Keepers, such as Time and Money:



Advanced Card Types


Keepers, Goals, New Rules and Actions, plus the Basic Rules, are only types of cards you'll find in original Fluxx and many other varieties.

But some themes required the invention of additional card types, so your Fluxx deck might also contain some of these:


We have Themes from Anatomy to Zombies


The original version of Fluxx, now in its 5th edition, is our best selling version, although it's quarterly sales are sometimes beaten out by a popular themed version when it’s first released.


Here are just some of the versions of Fluxx now available:


Fluxx 5.0 flat coverNature Fluxx flat coverFairytale Fluxx flat coverHoliday Fluxx flat cover

Anatomy Fluxx flat coverAstronomy Fluxx flat coverChemistry Fluxx flat coverMath Fluxx flat cover

Star Fluxx flat coverMonty Python Fluxx flat coverDoctor Who Fluxx flat coverFirefly Fluxx flat cover

Star Trek: TOS Fluxx flat coverStar Trek: DS9 Fluxx flat coverStar Trek: Voyager Fluxx flat cover

Pirate Fluxx flat coverCthulhu Fluxx flat coverMonster Fluxx flat coverZombie Fluxx flat cover


Some versions are out of print, or “in the vault” as we like to say, since we hope someday to unlock that vault and bring them back. But many vaulted games depend on license rights we no longer have, so it’s unlikely they will return. Some vaulted games are highly sought collector’s items.


You can see all versions of Fluxx listed together on the Looney Labs Game page. Scroll down to see the list of versions in the Vault.

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... and just in case you needed to know, here is the pseudo code for playing a game of Fluxx: