Fantasy Fluxx Now Available


It is time for the card game of ever changing adventurers!

Fantasy Fluxx boasts both Creepers and Surprises. But that's not all the fun we have in store for you. Several Keepers have special powers, including spell casting and invisibility. And new Actions allow you to cast specific spells including Healing and Fireball! So gather your adventuring party and let's get going...  

Buy your copy from your local store, our web store, or wherever you typically buy games. 

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Along the way, you'll meet a wide variety of adventurers, including witches and wizards, elves and dwarves, pirates and swordsmen, princesses and smart fellows, and, of course, our Humble Young Hero. In their Bags of Holding you will find Trail Rations, Ale, Magic Wands and Rings, and... hmmm... what ARE those eyes peeking out?

They will be thrown into Castle Dungeons, meet Dragons and Unicorns, and brandish their Magic Swords against the Dark Lord and his Army of the Undead on the way to finding Troves of Treasure (which hopefully will not be lost in the City of Thieves)!

You'll also find plenty of humor in this spoof of all things fantasy. With tongue-in-cheek references to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Princess Bride, Dungeons & Dragons, and more, you'll be in great spirits before you know it!