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2016 is a leap year, which means there's one extra day to play games. We think that's pretty special.  Another special thing happened on another leap year. Let's take you back to the end of July in the year 1996... (insert wiggly flashback special effect here).
On July 24, 1996, Andy Looney came up with the idea for Fluxx. That means this year Looney Labs will celebrate 20 years of Fluxxing things up. Yeah!

Happy New Year



2016 is going to be a very fun and special year. We have some great new and shiny games coming out all year long, and since 2016 is a leap year, we'll all have extra time to play! 

Find all our current games at your favorite game store or from the Looney Labs webstore!! 



Holiday Gift Guide





There's a Looney Labs game that will make a fabulous present for ALL your special someones, whether they consider themselves "gamers" or not... surprise them with something they might not pick out for themselves! We bet they’ll enjoy it!


The Goal Foundry Pack is here!



What happens when we have extra space at the end of a print run? We create a super cool collection of Fluxx cards to fill it up! Introducing the Goal Foundry Pack, a promo pack of seven new goals for recent unthemed Fluxx versions: 5.0, 4.0, and Special Edition ("SE" or "Target Fluxx"). The card style matches 5.0 and the second run of SE, but the Keeper art matches 5.0 and 4.0.

It also includes a new Meta Rule (rule which stays in effect for the whole game) called Goal Foundry. This essentially makes the New Rule Goal Mill permanent to the game... which you're going to need with seven extra Goals in your deck! This is a very LIMITED run of packs, ONLY available in our webstore! Pick it up here before it's gone!



Retro Loonacy - Now in Stores!

Retro Loonacy is in stores! Retro Loonacy is a rapid-fire game where players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching one of two retro images with the images on the open piles in front of them. Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in this frenzied free-for-all!  
Retro Loonacy features retro-licious artwork by Andrew Heath.

Fluxx Dice - Now in Stores!


As if Fluxx weren't chaotic enough, Looney Labs has found a way to change things up even more with Fluxx Dice - a Dice Expansion for any Fluxx Deck. Roll the dice and watch the Draw and Play rules change with every turn! Includes five new cards and two dice.