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Each year (since 1989) Kristin and Andy Looney have been making something special to send out to their fans during the holidays... sometimes it's been as small as rules for a new pyramid game posted online, sometimes it's been a coupon code for a new product, but this year it is once again a physical item we will be mailing out to our fans!

You must fill out this webform to get this year's gift so click through and sign up! 


Fluxx has a new theme song!

The Doubleclicks have written a song about Fluxx!  Read the story behind the song...



This Friday, July 25th, Regular Show Fluxx will be on sale at local game stores! Participating game stores have 7-card promo packs available to add to your Regular Show Fluxx deck for extra fun with Mordecai & Rigby from the FUTURE!

For the first time, Looney Labs is attending San Diego Comic Con to promote the launch of our newest game, created in partnership with Cartoon Network.  At SDCC, you'll be able to find Andy in AwesomeCon's booth, number 620 and Kristin will be hosting Looney Labs demos in the gaming area on the Mezzanine level. We'll have special "No Rules Guy" promo cards that you can get at SDCC & GenCon this summer too so stop by and say hello! 


Our Newsletter has a new look!



Did you get our newsletter?

Notes From The Lab (our regularly irregular newsletter) has gotten a beautiful facelift - big thanks to our friends at Mess for the visual redesign. On March 28th we emailed out to over 15,000 people from our customer databse - if you didn't get this newsletter in your email box, please subscribe to our newsletter!

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Video for LOONACY

in stores
March 28, 2014
It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game!

Choose One - In Stores Now!

imgIt's October 18th, and Looney Labs' new party game Choose One hits the shelves today! Andy writes, "People sometimes call Fluxx a party game, but that's not really true... Fluxx is just a chaotic card game, which can be great fun at parties. A proper party game works with a bigger crowd, involves everyone on every turn and must provide lots of big laughs and wow moments. Fluxx does hit some of those points, but in seeking to design a true party game, my goal was to hit them all. And with Choose One, I have succeeded!" 

Visit your Friendly Local Game Store to pick up your copy today!