Looney Labs is a Friendly Little Game Company

We publish the Fluxx series of card games...  FLUXX has that certain something that makes a game addictive -- when it ends, you want to play again immediately, even if you lost. Fluxx (and its various special editions) is the company's best known product, but we have published many other award-winning games that are just as addictive. OUR GAMES include time travel card games and board games featuring LOONEY PYRAMIDS, innovative pyramid-shaped gaming pieces useful for hundreds of different games. 

Looney Labs Games are well distributed in specialty game stores. Visit our STORE LOCATOR to find the store nearest you that sells our games. You can also buy directly from our ONLINE STORE. (And if you want to sell our games, visit out RETAILER pages.)

The company was founded in 1997 by Kristin & Andrew Looney, a husband and wife team that gave up successful careers as aerospace engineers (they met while working at NASA) to pursue their hobby business full time...  they could tell early on the true hit potential this little card game Fluxx had, so they took the jump off the cliff and quit their day jobs, so they could dedicate all their energy to making and promoting Andy's games. Read about OUR HISTORY on these pages... for even more details, you can poke around in the archives of our BLOGS - we have been creating cool stuff and talking about it online since the very early days of the internet - please enjoy your journey through our many web pages.

OUR MISSION is "To Create Fun".  But it isn't just that we make fun games...  our games create fun times!  The fun we have in making them, the fun you have in playing them, and the fun our retailers and demo team have in selling and promoting them.  Thank you to all our fans for helping us make our dreams come true - for helping us build and grow our little game company!  This includes so many fans…  from the members of our FAN CLUB who jabber enthusiastically about how fun our games are, to fans who have joined our DEMO TEAM and promote our games at stores and conventions, and those fans who have become INVESTORS and helped us fund this adventure. Our retailers, our suppliers, our printing and fullfillment partners... so many wonderful people have helped us build this little game company of ours - please know how much we appreciate your friendship and your business! 

And of course...  we couldn't do any of this without our team of amazing employees.  We have seven full time employees, working out of an office in College Park MD, located on the basement floor of Alison's house. CONTACT US if you have any questions or need help with anything regarding our company or our games. Looney Labs is a family owned and operarated business - a friendly little game company...   and we create fun!   

Who's Who at Looney Labs

Kristin Looney (CEO/President/Business Czar) - Kristin is the primary founder and president of Looney Labs, and is the driving force behind the company. She is currently focusing her time on the production and fan outreach efforts of the company. Prior to starting Looney Labs, Kristin spent 13 years working in the aerospace industry, first as an Electronics Engineer at NASA, then later as the Manager of the IT department for a start-up company called TSI-TelSys. She attended college first in her home state of Illinois, later graduating from the University of Maryland with a BS in Computer Science in 1987.
Andrew Looney (CCO) - Andy is the company's Chief Creative Officer and is the inventor of most of the products that they sell. Before helping Kristin start Looney Labs, Andy was a computer programmer, first spending eight years at NASA (he wrote software that flew in space on the Hubble Telescope in 1993), then spending two years working for Magnet Interactive Studios (where he created and coded a videogame called Icebreaker, published in 1995). Andy graduated from the University of Maryland in 1986, with a BS in Computer Science.
Alison Frane (Head Factotum/Customer Service Manager) - Alison helped build and run the company part time for 4 years before starting as a full time employee in early 2004. As her title suggests (Factotum = an employee or assistant who serves in a wide range of capacities) she works hard for whatever department needs her most. She currently spends most of her time in Customer Service, but can also be found helping out with various art and design and marketing activities.
Craig Forbes (Senior Geek) - Craig joined our team as a part time geek in late 2003, and has been keeping all of our various servers up and running and happy ever since.
Amber Cook (Director of Sales & Marketing) - Amber came to Looney Labs in January 2013, with four years of game industry perspective and ten years of sales and marketing experience. She works as a member of the executive team and manages key account sales for Looney Labs as well as the marketing department as Looney Labs continues to grow. 
Kristine Greer (Inventory Manager) - Kristine joined Looney Labs in May 2013, and will be managing the inventory and fulfillment operations.  She has over 15 years of inventory experience in retail distribution operations and has a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.
Shelly Roache (Bookkeeper & Office Manager) - Shelly joined Looney Labs in August 2013. She has over seven years of office management and bookkeeping experience. We're excited to have her working with the team and running the Looney Labs office!
Jamila Hinds (Product Development Facilitator) - Jamila came to Looney Labs in January 2014. She has five years of graphics production experience and a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. She will be working closely with the Executive Team to manage the production schedules and support the growth of the marketing team.

Debbie Lee (Social Media & Events Manager)