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Video for LOONACY

in stores
March 28, 2014
It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game!



Looney Labs is looking for someone to program, launch, and help promote an electronic game for us!

...download the RFQ for more details! 

Our 2013 Holiday Gift to Fans


Every year, Looney Labs offers a holiday gift to our fans. This year, we are mailing a surprise out to anyone that opts in. For more information, read Andy's blog post here! Sign up via our webform by Friday, November 22, 2013. Happy Holidays!


Choose One - In Stores Now!

imgIt's October 18th, and Looney Labs' new party game Choose One hits the shelves today! Andy writes, "People sometimes call Fluxx a party game, but that's not really true... Fluxx is just a chaotic card game, which can be great fun at parties. A proper party game works with a bigger crowd, involves everyone on every turn and must provide lots of big laughs and wow moments. Fluxx does hit some of those points, but in seeking to design a true party game, my goal was to hit them all. And with Choose One, I have succeeded!" 

Visit your Friendly Local Game Store to pick up your copy today!


Fluxx: The Board Game
in stores
July 26, 2013
The board game that is all about change: changing rules, changing goals and now changing tiles. Occupy the right tile spaces to claim the current goal and reveal the next goal... getting you one step closer to victory!