Looney Pyramids Marketing Plan

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How to get Looney Pyramids selling in your game store...

There are hundreds of amazing games that can be played with Looney Pyramids, but getting your customers to understand this and know where to start can be a challenge. We have provided marketing tools to give you everything you need to get your customers buying and playing Looney Pyramids products. Start running cadet training sessions, and soon you’ll have a regular group of pyramid fans (aka Starship Captains) playing new pyramid games each week and teaching new customers how to play!


LOO-DK-048  :  NET = $30  :  Looney Pyramids Demo Kit  

Step One:  Buy Demo Kit & Initial Stock

This marketing kit gives you everything you need at an exceptional price: $90 worth of demo products and $32 worth of prizes, plus full instructions and supplies for 20 participants. Cadets run through three training sessions to learn ten games and earn the rank of Starship Captain! You’ll also want to stock up on Looney Pyramids products, as identified in Step 5. 

LOO-054-D :  NET = $18  : Pyramid Primer #1 (10-pack)

Step Two: Run Cadet Training Sessions

Your kit comes with instructions and everything you need to teach new players ten quick, fun and easy pyramid games. Four copies of Martian Coasters ($6 MSRP) are included to use as significant prizes, smaller prizes include four black Martian Coasters and four Looney Pyramids posters. Event flyers are available for download at www.looneylabs.com/cadettraining. Another prize you can give—or a great incentive to offer with the purchase of Looney Pyramid games—is the new rules magazine, Pyramid Primer #1. Order a ten-pack of these magazines for only $1.80 for each $6 MSRP product.

Step Three: Find a Starship Captain

The person running training sessions must know how to play the ten games in the Syllabus. All ten of the games taught through the three cadet training sessions are simple, easy to learn games that can be picked up quickly. But do be sure you learn them before teaching them and encourage your local Starship Captains to register at www.looneylabs.com/starshipcaptain and get their membership card to show off to potential new cadets.

LOO-040  :  MSRP = $20  :  IceDice  
LOO-046  :  MSRP = $16  :  Treehouse
LOO-048  :  MSRP = $10  :  Rainbow Stash
LOO-049  :  MSRP = $10  :  Xeno Stash
LOO-054  :  MSRP = $6  :  Pyramid Primer #1  
LOO-031 :  MSRP = $6  :  Martian Coasters  
LOO-035 :  MSRP = $6  :  World War Five  

Step Four: Restock Product

The first training session will teach your customers the four games that come in IceDice and Treehouse—be sure to stock up on these games. Martian Coasters and World War 5 are both taught in the second session of training, and cadets are going to want to own these accessories after they play. And everyone is going to want to own a copy of Pyramid Primer #1, which contains the full rules to all 13 games promoted in our Pocketguide to Looney Pyramids.