This is the same game we published 10 years ago, just in a smaller box!  (Box Size:  3.75" x 4.75" x 2")

Fluxx: The Board Game (Compact Edition)

An ever-shifting strategic tile-laying board game based on the award winning card game of Fluxx!

Everything is in Fluxx in this unique game  the rules, the game board, even the color of your pieces! It's more strategic than the original Fluxx card game, with an ever-shifting landscape of tiles that can be rotated or uprooted to elsewhere on the table while you compete to occupy the right tile spaces to claim the current goal and reveal the next goal... getting you one step closer to victory!

2 – 4
10 – 40 minutes
8 – Adult

Game Play

The current ruleset is shown by a pegboard so players can easily update rule changes as they go, starting with things like how many cards you can draw and play on your turn, and how many spaces you can move your pieces. As the game progresses, these will fluctuate, and new abilities, like Wraparound, or Rotate a Tile will come into play as well. Achieve a Goal off the top of the stack by occupying the right locations – or win a Goal from your hand instantly by playing it after you’ve already sneaked into place! Get the required number of Goals to win the game – quickly, before someone changes the rules again!


Fluxx the Board Game (Compact Edition)