Starship Captain Membership Card & Challenge Coin


When you have graduated from Cadet to Starship Captain, you are eligible for this free membership card to the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains. Congratulations!

Before requesting your card:

When you request your card, we will check your list to be sure you have 10 pyramid games listed and add you to the Starship Captain Roster (unless you indicate in your widget that you do not want to be listed publicly.)


Starship Captain Challenge Coin


If you want to buy a Starship Captain Challenge Coin, go to this secret webstore link and order your coin. Please be sure you request your card before you order the coin! 

NOTE: If you were one of the first Starship Captains to join the forum, you might not have the Starship Captain widget mentioned above. Please follow these instructions and update your profile with the Starship Captain widget so we can send your card or coin. 

Request a Starship Captain Membership Card 

Fill out this form to request your free membership card - it will take up to three weeks for delivery, but feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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