2021 is our 25th Anniversary

We are running over 100 intimate virtual events with our fans

Listed here is information on Looney Labs events. If you are interested in attending or supporting events, you're in the right place! 

Event Listings

  • Facebook. Events run by Looney Labs are always posted to our Facebook page.
  • Fan Club. We don't have an organized demo program anymore, so there is no listing of fan run events. 
  • Where's Andy? As you might imagine, Andy is often involved in events and here are some links to detailed information on those. These will always be listed on our Facebook page as well.
    • Where Can I Meet Andy Looney? The best way to meet Andy is to find him at one of the many conventions he attends during the course of the year.
    • Andy's Playtest Workshop. Would you like to try playing some of Andy's unpublished games? These playtest workshops are the only way to do just that!
    • Andy vs. Everybody. Often, when Andy is at a convention, he will run multiple games simultaneously in a tournament fashion. 

Event Support
There are a variety of ways to get support from Looney Labs to help you promote our games at your event.

You can get demo copies of our games from your distributor, and can request copies of most of these posters from us directly via e
mail at retailers@looneylabs.com. Let us know how else we can help you promote our games in your store! When we launch new games, we send free copies out to the retailers who are listed on our Retail Store Locator

We love to make our games available to support events, but as a small company, we have to set limits for how much we can give away. We currently only support CONVENTIONS, with a preset kit which features a combination of our most recent releases and our lesser known offerings.  The kit is free, but we do need at least 4 weeks to process your request. Please fill out our event support request form with all the necessary information to be considered for convention support. If you have the budget for it, please consider inviting us to join your event! We've posted information on How to Invite The Looneys to be Guests at your Convention!

Need More Information?
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