Event Support Request

This form is to justify your eligibility to purchase an Event Support Package for either $20 or $40.  If you're requesting free games, or want to trade ad space for games, please see the guidelines on our Donation Request form.

  • Be sure to give us details about how you plan to use the requested materials. We can't offer this to just anyone, so tell us why this is a good use.
  • The Small Event Package gets you four games and 10 posters for $20, and the Large Event Package gets you eight games and 20 posters for $40.  We will also usually throw in some extras like promo postcards or packets.
  • To order an event product package, you will need to click through to enter an order in addition to filling out this form.  If you have an existing consumer customer record, please do not use it.  Make a new account for your event.
  • We will be picking the games and posters you get, which is why it's important that you tell us what you think will appeal best to your attendees and work for your needs.
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What is your role at this event?
Where we should ship your prize/donation items
.... If particular versions of Fluxx are preferred, please specify in the "Other" text field.

In order to give payment information for one of our Event Packages, you'll need to place an order at our webstore via one of these special links (opening in a new window) using an account specifically for your event (i.e. NOT your personal account!). If you are looking for a DONATION, please do not fill out this form. Please use our Donation Request form instead.

Choose either the Small Event Package OR Large Event Package. From either one of those, you can link to the Promo Cards if you'd like to add those to your order as well.

($7.50 per 25-pack)

If you have completed your order now, enter your order number here: