Get your 3 pieces into a row in the center of the board before you get kicked back out!
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Andrew Looney
Year Created: 
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Stuff You Need To Play: 
1 Trio per player, each in a different color
2 six-sided dice
Volcano Board (5x5 grid)
TwinWin cards may be useful as color reminders


Pharaoh - Sample Game

Publication History

  • This game was first released as the Looney Labs Holiday Gift for 2010.
  • Pharaoh was included in the pyramid-bag edition of Treehouse as a bonus game.
  • Pharaoh was included in Pyramid Primer #1. The rules from that version are still availble in this PDF.
  • Pharaoh is one of the 22 games featured in Pyramid Arcade.
  • Pharaoh is highlighted in the instructions for Nomids as being another game you can play with that said, along with 2 other games (Treehouse and Pyramid-Sham-Bo).

Other Notes