Note: A more recent version of these rules is available at the index page for this game. We are retaining this page for historical purposes , along with this pdf of these rules formatted as they appeared in Pyramid Primer #1 in 2012.
This game has compelling "press-your-luck" action. The dice dictate what you gain each turn; your goal is to collect 3 monochrome Trios. If the piece you roll is gone, you steal it from your opponent!

How to Play IceDice

Designed by Andy Looney


Number of Players: 2 (although more can play if you have extra pyramids)

Equipment: special dice and 2 Rainbow Stashes



Zone Names: IceDice uses an invisible gameboard. In the middle of the table is an area called the Bank, where all the pieces begin. Near this is a spot called the Counter. In front of each player is an area called their Vault.

Setup: Stack up all the pyramids in the Bank, sorted by size and color.

Who Starts: Whoever is holding the dice goes first.


How to Play: On your turn, roll both dice. Choose a piece of the size and color indicated, take it from the Bank, and place it on the Counter. You may or may not get to put this piece in your Vault when your turn ends.

  • If you roll the Atom, choose any color you don’t already have on the Counter.
  • If the pyramid die shows a pair of pyramids, choose between the two sizes shown.


Rolling Again: You may continue rolling and moving pieces to the Counter until you either decide to stop, or Bust Out. You Bust Out as soon as you roll the same color as a piece on the Counter. If you Bust Out, all pieces on the Counter are returned to the Bank; if you decide to stop, the pieces go into your Vault.

Stealing: If the piece you rolled is not in the Bank, you must steal it from an opponent's Vault. (Stolen pieces are NOT returned to their former owners if you Bust Out.) If your roll gives you options, it’s OK to make a choice that will require stealing even if the Bank contains the other pyramids you could choose. If your Vault already contains all the pyramids of the size & color you rolled, you get nothing for that roll, but may roll again.

Rainbow Bonus: If you collect all 5 colors without Busting Out, you get to move them to your Vault and continue rolling as if your turn just started!



Goal: You win by collecting 3 monochrome Trios. (Other pyramids in your Vault are irrelevant.)


More Players? We like IceDice best with 2, but more people can play if you have more pyramids. You will need to add an extra Rainbow Stash for each player who wishes to join the game.