Safety Certification


Looney Labs card games are printed in the USA primarily by our production partner Delano Service, a division of EPI Printing in Battle Creek Michigan. We include tracking labels to designate each print run, the inks do not contain lead, and the plastic in our pyramids is Crystal Styrene and does not contain phthalates.

Looney Labs provides the following safety certification documentation:


Product SKUs

LOO-001 : Fluxx
LOO-002 : Aquarius
LOO-009 : Chrononauts
LOO-033 : Zombie Fluxx
LOO-036 : Monty Python Fluxx
LOO-037 : Are You the Traitor?
LOO-038 : Martian Fluxx
LOO-039 : Seven Dragons
LOO-042 : EcoFluxx
LOO-043 : Family Fluxx
LOO-044 : Back to the Future
LOO-045 : Pirate Fluxx
LOO-047 : Star Fluxx
LOO-050 : Oz Fluxx
LOO-052 : Cthulhu Fluxx
LOO-059 : Early American Chrononuats
LOO-060 : Cartoon Network Fluxx
LOO-062 : Loonacy
LOO-063 : Regular Show Fluxx
LOO-064 : Holiday Fluxx
LOO-065 : Just Desserts
LOO-066 : Fluxx Dice
LOO-067 : Batman Fluxx
LOO-068 : Retro Loonacy
LOO-070 : Firefly Fluxx
LOO-071 : Nature Fluxx
LOO-073 : Uglydoll Loonacy
LOO-077 : Math Fluxx
LOO-078 : Chemistry Fluxx
LOO-079 : Nanofictionary
LOO-080 : Doctor Who Fluxx

LOO-051 : Fluxx SE
LOO-057 : Monster Fluxx

LOO-055 : Fluxx: The Board Game

LOO-072 : Mad Libs: The Game

LOO-074 : Pyramid Arcade

LOO-082 : Zendo

LOO-040 : IceDice
LOO-046 : Treehouse
LOO-048 : Looney Pyramids, Rainbow
LOO-049 : Looney Pyramids, Xeno
LOO-053 : Pink Hijinks


LOO-058 : Choose One
LOO-420 : Stoner Fluxx
LOO-421 : Drinking Fluxx
LOO-422 : Stoner Loonacy
Applicable Certificates

Most of our card games come in the same size two part box and are printed in Battle Creak Michigan USA. They are certified for safety compliance for ages 8+ in the USA, Canada, and Europe.
GCC - General Certificate of Compliance
for specific dates of printing see table below
Letter from DeLano Services
certifying that all our card games use the same materials
Test Report, UL - June 2016 - for USA, Canada, and EU
testing certificate for Batman Fluxx

We also have two mass market card games in hang tab packaging, printed in the USA in Massachusetts. They are certified for safety compliance for ages 8+ in the USA and Canada.  
GCC - General Certificate of Compliance
for specific dates of printing see table below
certifying that each card game uses the same materials
Test Report, UL - May 2013 - for USA, Canada
testing certificate for Fluxx

GCC for Fluxx:The Board Game, for ages 8+ in USA, Canada, and Europe
Test Report, UL - Mar 2014 - for USA, Canada, and Europe

GCC for Pyramid Arcade, for ages 8+ in USA and Europe

GCC for Zendo, for ages 8+ in USA and Europe

Our Our pyramid games are not for children and are all labeled for ages 14+ so they do not require saftey testing certification - however they have been tested for ages 6+ and 8+ in the past, and these certificates are listed here.
Test Report - August 2012 - Treehouse, age graded for 14+
Test Report, STR - April 2011 - for USA, Canada
testing certificate for IceDice and Looney Pyramids, age graded for 8+
Our pyramid games are NOT certified for ages 8+ in Europe. More Details
Test Report, STR - Nov 2010 - for USA, Canada, and EU
component testing on 12 colors of plastic pyramids, age graded for 6+
Test Report, STR - April 2011 - for EU
the same test that passed for 6+ last year, failed for 8+ in Europe

Ages 14+ so requires no safety testing certificate.

LOO-423 : Adult Mad Libs: The Game

  CPSIA Tracking Numbers
LOO-001 : Fluxx 4.0 318863-NOV10, 311411-MAY10, 331453-OCT11, 334807-FEB12, 344305-AUG12, 348980-JAN13, 358126-NOV13, 363409-MAR14
LOO-001 : Fluxx 5.0 369598-AUG14, 375970-FEB15, 385057-DEC15, 391720-APR16, 393948-MAY16, 411853-AUG17
LOO-002 : Aquarius 2.0 306161-JAN10, 376770-JUL15
LOO-009 : Chrononauts 1.2 301077-OCT09
LOO-009 : Chrononauts 1.4 105638-OCT09, 313512-JUN10
LOO-009 : Chrononauts 1.5 359122-NOV13, 375083-MAR15
LOO-019 : Are You A Werewolf? 341756-JUL12, 375083-FEB15
LOO-033 : Zombie Fluxx 1.1 307273-FEB10
LOO-033 : Zombie Fluxx 1.2 313482-JUN10, 318865-DEC10, 331452-OCT11, 344304-SEP12, 348980-JAN13, 358128-NOV13, 368037-JUL14, 374179-FEB15, 415556-NOV17
LOO-036 : Monty Python Fluxx 1.0 313496-JUN10, 331451-OCT11, 339326-APR12, 350576-FEB13, 353376-NOV13, 364909-MAR14, 374178-FEB15, 388822-FEB16, 415556-NOV17
LOO-037 : Are You the Traitor? 1.0 300864-MAY09
LOO-038 : Martian Fluxx 1.0 105261-JUL09
LOO-039 : Seven Dragons 1.0 323677-MAY11
LOO-040 : IceDice 1.0 1820-0411-2-MAY11
LOO-042 : EcoFluxx 2.0 305972-JAN10, 311410-MAY10
LOO-043 : Family Fluxx 1.1 305971-JAN10, 311408-MAY10
LOO-044 : Back to the Future 1.0 313913-JUL10
LOO-045 : Pirate Fluxx 1.0 318878-DEC10, 324208-MAY11, 353373-JUN13, 358129-NOV13, 368041-JUL14, 375972-MAY15, 410209-JUL17
LOO-046 : Treehouse 1.0 1871-0612-1-APR12
LOO-047 : Star Fluxx 1.0 328308-AUG11, 348081-DEC12, 350574-FEB13, 357797-NOV13, 368035 -JUL14, 375971-MAY15, 406663-MAY17
LOO-048 : Looney Pyramids, Rainbow 1.0 1834-1R-MAY11, 1834-2R-DEC14
LOO-049 : Looney Pyramids, Xeno 1.0 1834-1X-MAY11
LOO-050 : Oz Fluxx 1.0 334804-FEB12, 344303-SEP12, 350572-FEB13
LOO-051 : Fluxx (Special Edition) 1.0 339300-APR12, 347999-DEC12
LOO-051 : Fluxx (Special Edition) 1.0 ELM11513-MAY13, ELM20613-JUL13
LOO-052 : Cthulhu Fluxx 1.0 339327-APR12, 344302-SEP12, 350570-FEB13, 363410-MAR14, 374180-APR15, 400775-NOV16
LOO-053 : Pink Hijinks 1.0 1874-0612-1-JUN12
LOO-055 : Fluxx: The Board Game 351819-JUN13, 355180-SEP13
LOO-057 : Monster Fluxx ELM20613-JUN13
LOO-058 : Choose One 355181-SEP13
LOO-059 : Early American Chrononauts 359122-NOV13
LOO-060 : Cartoon Network Fluxx 366789-JUN14
LOO-061 : Adventure Time Fluxx 380393-JUL15, 393948-MAY16
LOO-062 : Loonacy 363414-FEB14, 381994-OCT15
LOO-063 : Regular Show Fluxx 368035-JUN14
LOO-064 : Holiday Fluxx 369600-AUG14, 383465-DEC15
LOO-065 : Just Desserts 375973-MAR14
LOO-066 : Fluxx Dice 376770-JUL15
LOO-067 : Batman Fluxx 380392-JUL15, 385057-DEC15, 404839-MAR17
LOO-068 : Retro Loonacy 381944RET-OCT15
LOO-070 : Firefly Fluxx 388822-FEB16, 395762-JUL16, 400775-NOV16
LOO-071 : Nature Fluxx 383466-OCT15
LOO-072 : Mad Libs: The Game 388370-FEB16, 409135-AUG17
LOO-073 : Uglydoll Loonacy 388827-FEB16
LOO-074 : Pyramid Arcade GPI061316-AUG16
LOO-077 : Math Fluxx 404839-FEB17
LOO-078 : Chemistry Fluxx 406663-APR17
LOO-079 : Nanofictionary 410209-AUG17
LOO-080 : Doctor Who Fluxx 415312-OCT17
LOO-082 : Zendo GPI1017A-OCT17
LOO-420 : Stoner Fluxx 2.0 301126-DEC09
LOO-420 : Stoner Fluxx 2.1 301126-OCT09, 353374-JUN13, 374181-FEB15
LOO-421 : Drinking Fluxx 408643-MAY17
LOO-422 : Stoner Loonacy 408241-APR17
LOO-423 : Adult Mad Libs: The Game 408928-MAY17