The displays should start shipping in July 2020!

    NAME: Looney Labs Cardboard Display
      SKU: LOO-205
 COST: $10 (free with qualifying purchase)
To order from:
Looney Labs
                        call: (301) 441-1019
To order from: 
Alliance Game Distributor
Stores outside of the USA: 
              both Esdevium and Lion Rampant will have them
           or ask your Looney Labs distributor 
The wooden version is on hold until our wooden display manufacturer is back up and running after the pandemic. We don't have an update yet on when this might be, so we are not selling this version at this time, but do still hope to make this in the future.
NAME: Looney Labs Wooden Display
      SKU: LOO-206
 COST: $22 (or $15 with qualifying purchase)