World War 5

It’s a world conquest board game you can play in just half an hour!
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Andrew Looney
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Stuff You Need To Play: 
3 Trios of one color for each player
World War 5 Board
3 six-sided dice


World War 5 - Sample Game

Publication History

  • This game was first released as the Looney Labs Holiday Gift for 2008. Two versions of the board were made available: a folded paper version, which was mailed to fans, and a deluxe version mounted on traditional boardgame stock.
  • World War 5 was included in Pyramid Primer #1. The rules from that version are still availble in this PDF.
  • World War 5 is one of the 22 games featured in Pyramid Arcade.

Other Notes

  • The board included in Pyramid Arcade has several errors: 2 sea-routes (southern US-western Africa & southern Africa-western Australia) were omitted and a border in Asia is incorrect (Northeastern Europe should not connect to Southwestern Asia). Fortunately, this doesn't really impact gameplay much. Most players don't even realize anything is wrong, and those who do will debate which is strategically better: more connectedness or more isolation. A corrected version of the board is here.