Looney Ludo

Your pieces move around on a gameboard made of tiles that rotate and change positions.
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Andrew Looney
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Stuff You Need To Play: 
1 Trio per player
The Treehouse Die
2 six-sided dice
Looney Ludo boards matching player colors, minimum 4 boards for 2,3,4 players, 5 boards for 5 players, 6 boards for 6 players


Looney Ludo - Sample Game

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Other Notes

  • The Looney Labs FAQ page has a section for Questions about this game.
  • The Looney Labs Holiday Gift for 2006 was a fifth coaster, in a new color (black) to go with Martian Coasters, released earlier that year.
  • As with Pharaoh, this game originally used a single D6 roll, but was changed so that players roll 2 dice and use the higher score.