imgTimeline Game


Players: 1-3 players

Ages: 8-Adult

Time: 10-15 minutes


Overview: You can play a bonus mini-game with the Keeper cards from Around the World Fluxx and/or Across America Fluxx. Players take turns guessing where cards fit in their personal timeline. When all cards are played, the person with the most cards in their timeline wins!


Setup: Go through the deck(s) and collect all the dated Keepers. (There are 25 in Around the World Fluxx and 12 in Across America Fluxx—37 if combining decks.) Put the remaining cards back in the box. Shuffle this dated Keeper deck and place it face down in the middle of the table. Each player draws one starting card and places it in front of them face up.


Gameplay: The youngest player is the first Guesser. The player to their right draws a card and reads the title and location out loud (NOT the date in the corner). The Guesser then points to where in their timeline they think this card fits (at the beginning or end, or in between two dates as the game progresses). The Reader reveals the date and everyone checks to see if the card fits in that spot in the timeline. If it does, the card is placed in the Guesser’s timeline. If not, the card is discarded. The Guesser now becomes the new Reader for the person on their left.



Special Cases: Occasionally, two Keepers have the same date. In that case, a placement either before or after the duplicate date counts as correct. Also, if the Keeper has a date range, it is counted as correct if placed anywhere within its range. Once placed, ignore these Keepers with date ranges when trying to Guess the proper place for other cards.


How to Win: When all cards have been drawn and either discarded or placed in a timeline, the game ends. The player with the most cards in their timeline wins! In case of a tie, turn the discard pile over and continue play until someone takes an additional card, thereby winning the game.


Solo Play Variant: You can be your own Reader by using your thumb to cover the date in the bottom left corner of the cards. Play as above. You win if you collect at least two-thirds of the deck (17, 8, or 25 cards depending on which deck(s) you are playing with). Too easy? Try to beat your score… or collect all the cards!


To Separate the Decks: If you’ve mixed your decks, it is easy to separate them again. All Fluxx decks use a different font for the titles (such as Keeper or Goal).