Silver Jubilee Virtual Event Descriptions

To see what day / time each event has been (or will be) run, visit: Silver Jubilee Virtual Celebrations

This page contains the descriptions of all our of Silver Jubilee events, which means that this listing includes many events which have now already happened. However, just because an event listed below is done, that doesn’t mean it might not happen again! We will be continuing to add events to the schedule all year, and can easily “rerun” anything if we get enough requests from people who missed out the first time. So let us know what events you’d like to see repeated!

Parsely Games

Parsely is a game system inspired by old-style text adventure games where you explore a world by typing commands into a computer... except in this case Andy is the computer, and you "type" your commands by taking turns verbally telling him what you want to do next. This format works really well over Zoom!

The Parsely system was created by Jared Sorensen, who has published a complete book of such games. However, the Parsely games run by Andy are originals which he is not planning to publish. The only way to play these games is with Andy himself!


This rather long Parsely game is Andy’s original, and is based on text adventure games he actually wrote in BASIC in the mid 1980s. Prepare to enter the mysterious underground headquarters of the McFeezle’s Muffins Company!

Back in 5 Minutes

This medium length Parsely game begins in a scientist’s mysterious lab, where a note on the door says “Back in 5 minutes.”

Alice's Adventures Under the Table

This medium length Parsely game is a tribute to Alice in Wonderland. You've just been shrunk down to a tiny size and are running around underneath a table!

Fun World

This rather long Parsely game takes place after hours in an amusement park called Fun World.

Ducks on a Plane

The name of this rather short Parsely game tells you everything you need to know. [Note that Andy also ran an even shorter game along with this one, called Red Alert. They make a good double-feature.]

In Search of Pip

This very long Parsely game is set in the city of pyramid gaming clubs Andy first described in The Empty City. Can you find the Person in Purple who left their bag behind in a coffeeshop?


Vorpal Playtest Sessions

We will be using a platform called Vorpal Board for these events. Vorpal is great for playing card game prototypes online, and thus provides us with a way to showcase unpublished versions of Fluxx and other games. However, Vorpal is also a memory hog, so to join this event, you must have a strong internet connection and a fairly new and better-than-basic computer. Our apologies to those that this leaves out.

Muppets Fluxx

Several years ago, we held a "Fluxx Improv" event at PAX East in which 300 audience members and Andy created a Fluxx together, while one of our main illustrators, Derek Ring, illustrated the deck... all in just two hours! It is extremely unlikely we could ever publish Muppet Fluxx, but many of you have asked to see the deck, so this is your chance. Note that we are not looking for playtest feedback on this one... it is a very rudimentary deck created on the fly and we know it's not ready for prime time. REQUIRES VORPAL.

Olympus Fluxx

Olympus Fluxx is an educational version about Greek / Roman mythology. We are starting to make plans for our 2022 product releases, and Olympus Fluxx is one of Andy's prototypes that is under consideration. This is your chance to give it a try and give us some honest feedback. REQUIRES VORPAL.

Time Machine Fluxx

Time Machine Fluxx is a parody mashup of all the best time travel stories. We are starting to make plans for our 2022 product releases, and Time Machine Fluxx is one of Andy's prototypes that is under consideration. This is your chance to give it a try and give us some honest feedback. REQUIRES VORPAL.

Wonderland Fluxx

We are making a surprise fall release of (Alice in) Wonderland Fluxx and it goes to print in just a few days! Now is your chance to give it a try and give any feedback about what you like or don't like about the deck while there's still time to make some changes. REQUIRES VORPAL.



Sometimes we are lucky enough to be joined by special guests for seminars & panel discussions!

Treksperts Geek-out

Join Andy and his "Trekspert" friends Keith Baker, Bonnie Brett, and Leila Zucker as they geek out about Star Trek and the Star Trek themed games from Looney Labs. This event will be part seminar, part Q&A, part group discussion. Extra points for coming in cosplay!


Meet & Greets

Sometimes we just hangout with a particuar subset of friends!

Rabbits & Their Families

Were you a Mad Lab Rabbit back in the day? Did you help out with a Big Experiment or other event that required many volunteers? So many of you have since married and/or had kids. Come play a game of Cooperative Choose One with us while we catch up on our lives and maybe even introduce us to your families if they are nearby!


Game Design Workshops

Sometimes our events are about game designs-in-progress.

Andy's Prototype Show & Tell

This event will start with Andy showing you all a selection of his unpublished prototypes. There will not be any game playing at this event, but there will be chances to playtest the prototypes in future events. You will have a chance to ask questions and see a variety of possibilities for future games during this session.

Olympus Fluxx Design Workshop

One of the six contenders for our 2022 game line-up is Olympus Fluxx, based on Greek (and Roman) mythology. Andy's got the Keepers chosen, but would like some help from mythology buffs in deciding what the Goals should be. If you know Fluxx and Greek mythology, please come give Andy a hand!

Pyramid Game Design Roundtable

Have you invented a game for the Looney Pyramids? Do you want to, but don't know how to get started? Are you just fascinated by the creative process and interested in hearing about the ins and outs of designing a game? Then come join us for a round table discussion about all the fun things you can do with pyramids and get your creative juices flowing!


Activity Hangouts

For some events we just get together on Zoom and do things together.

Crafting Hangout

When Kristin isn't running Looney Labs, you will often find her dancing or crafting. This is a drop-in event... come for the entire four hours or any portion of it, and spend a little hangout time with Kristin as she works on a craft project. If you have something you're working on, bring it along! Or if you have a craft project you'd like to show the rest of us, we'd love to ooo and ahh! Andy has even said he might come join in the fun!

Play HABA's Color It with Looney Labs Artwork

Color It is a simple coloring game for young children. We enjoyed collaborating with publishing friends from HABA last year to create some Color It sheets using Looney Labs artwork. And that was so much fun that since then we have made several other coloring pages from our artwork. Come join us for a game of Color It, followed by an open coloring session. This event is appropriate for kids of all ages and all of us adults who are kids at heart!

Lego Hangout

Did you know that Kristin's wedding shower had a Lego theme? And that the Lego gifts she and Andy were given at that event are still in a big red canister in their game room? Come build with Kristin... bring your Lego, blocks, K'Nex, Tinker Toys, or what-have-you and let's build!

Jigsaw Puzzle Hangout

So many folks have enjoyed putting together puzzles during this pandemic, and Kristin is no exception. But puzzle building got even better when she realized there was an online site that would let her puzzle together online with her mother and other long-distance friends! Come hang out with Kristin and help her put together a puzzle or two. The difficulty level will be tailored to the group, or you're also just welcome to come watch and chat!


Homeworlds Academy

There’s been a lot of interest in instructional sessions about our deep strategy pyramid game, Homeworlds. Both the rules and the strategies for this game are complex, so we’ve been offering classes to teach the rules and exhibition games to show off the strategies.

Homeworlds Basics

Join Laurie for an introduction to Homeworlds. This is a hybrid combination of the formerly named Homeworlds 101 and Homeworlds 201 classes, and is intended for those who have been wanting to play Homeworlds, but found it a little too daunting. We will start out by covering the six basic things you need to know, then get into some basic strategy as time permits.

Homeworlds 101

Have you always wanted to try Homeworlds, but the rules are a bit overwhelming? Come learn the basics in the course for beginners.

Homeworlds 201

Do you know the basics of Homeworlds? Maybe you've read the rules, or taken Homeworlds 101, or played a game or two, and now you're ready to learn a little beginning strategy? This is the course for you!

Andy vs. The Hive Mind

Come join us in a game of Homeworlds with Andy! In this friendly no-stakes game, Andy will play alone, while all of us participants will play as one, discussing options together before each move. An excellent learning experience for beginning and advanced players alike!

Homeworlds Theater Live

Homeworlds is the only game in the Looney Labs collection that was not designed by Andy Looney. It was designed by his best friend, John Cooper, and it is Andy's all-time favorite game. Come join us in an exhibition match between John and Andy. Hear their thought process as they play, and even ask them a strategy question here and there along the way.


Getting to Know the Looneys

These events provide a glimpse into the fascinating lives of Kristin & Andy Looney.

Kristin's Cubes

Kristin has had a long and truly fascinating relationship with the Rubik's Cube. Whether you're an expert solver or have never solved one in your life, come join us as Kristin tells us about how and why the Rubik's Cube has been such a big part of her life from an early age. You will be amazed!

Andy's Eye Candy

Have you ever seen Andy's wall of televisions? Come chill with Andy as he tells you how he creates visual loops for every screen to run simultaneously and what his local burn event art contribution was. Then just enjoy as he lets you choose from the menu of eye candy to feast on.

Looney Q&A

This event will have a slightly different format than most of the events. Because of the large number of attendees, we ask that participants remain on mute throughout the event and submit questions via the chat function in Zoom. A moderator will keep track of the questions and "interview" the Looneys. It is participants' choice whether they have their video on or off. The Looneys and the moderator will not be able to see everyone's visual reactions easily because there will be more than one screen full of participants and the Looneys will be "pinned" so that they fill most of the screen.


Educators' Track

These events are aimed at those who use our games for educational purposes.

Aquarius for Preschool Teachers and Parents

Do you have or work with a preschooler ages 3-5ish? Then please join us for an adults-only chance to learn how to play the preschool variants of Aquarius, and to hear about their educational value. What better way to cover basic math than through play?


Digital Gaming

Now that several of our games have been implmented digitally, we can use them to play together online. This is great since card games like Fluxx don't work well on Zoom. However, we will still connect on Zoom while we play Fluxx together on BoardGameArena or our smartphones, so we can watch each others' reactions to what happens.

  • For events that use the smartphone version of Fluxx, you will need to download it beforehand.
  • For events that use the free site Board Game Arena, you will need to make an account and complete the tutorial beforehand.

Andy vs. Everybody at Smartphone Fluxx

Andy will take on all participants at once! Each participant will play a game of Fluxx with Andy on the smartphone app. Andy will take all his turns in rapid succession, feverishly trying to win more games than he loses in the time allotted. Can he do it, or will "everybody" beat Andy?

Just Desserts on BGA

Join Kristin and Andy for a friendly game or two of Just Desserts using the excellent implmenation at BoardGameArena! You might even hear a little about the making of the game and the people behind the artwork!

Looney Games on BGA

Come join Kristin and Andy for a friendly game or two of any of the Looney games now on BGA (Just Desserts, Fluxx, or Get the MacGuffin) -- whichever the group decides to play next!

Playtest Fluxx on BGA

Developers are hard at work getting ready to let Fluxx loose on the world of Board Game Arena. But right now, the game is in alpha testing and not visible to the public. Come help us playtest the game and get a sneak peek at what is to come!

Playtest Get the MacGuffin on BGA

Developers are hard at work getting ready to let Get the MacGuffin loose on the world of Board Game Arena. But right now, the game is in alpha testing and not visible to the public. Come help us playtest the game and get a sneak peek at what is to come!

Zoom Gaming

The events in this section are simply a chance to play some of our games together. Some players who join us will be big fans of the game eager for any chance to play, while other players may be new to the game and interested in learning how it works. All of these sessions will be conducted via Zoom, using overhead cameras.

Are You a Robot?

A social deduction game in which some of us are humans and some of us are robots pretending to be humans. Your job is to figure out who is who before it's too late!


We thought about trying to actually play this on Vorpal but we were't sure how well it would work so we decided instead just to make this a casual chat session in which we discuss the details of various cards in the game and how they fit into the Star Trek timeline.

Color Wheel & Nomids

Color Wheel is a cooperative puzzle and Nomids is a simple strategy game, both using the Looney Pyramids. We will teach the games and then play them together.

Cooperative Choose One

Choose One is a party game about getting to know your friends. We have adapted it into a cooperative version for play on Zoom and we'd love to find out whether you prefer the window or the aisle, or waffles or pancakes!


Learn to play IceToids, a pyramid game Andy invented as a holiday gift a couple years ago. In this game, tiles are turned over as the play progresses that tell you which directions you can move while trying to get your pieces onto your color tiles.


Learn to play Powerhouse, one of the games in Pyramid Arcade. This game is interesting in that it is a HALF-information game. Pyramids are put into a bag and size is known, but not color when they are drawn.


Pyramid-Sham-Bo is a party game using the Looney Pyramids. We will teach the game and then play it together.


Learn to play Treehouse, one of the games in Pyramid Arcade. This is a light visual-spatial game of trying to make your arrangement of pyramids match "the house." Will the dice roll in your favor?

Two-Player Pyramid Games

Join Andy, Kristin, and Laurie as they take turns teaching pairs of you four two-player pyramid games--Ice Dice, Pink Hijinks, Petal Battle, and Lunar Invaders. Ice Dice is a press-your-luck game, whereas the other three are mid-level strategy games. You will play all four games over an hour and a half.

World War 5

Learn to play World War 5, one of the games in Pyramid Arcade. This is a world domination game similar to Risk, but quicker and with more balanced and strategic play.

Zendo for Those Who Have Never Played

Have you always wanted to try this inductive logic game, but never had the chance or been just a little bit intimidated by it? Now is your chance to see what it's like in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Zendo for the Average Player

Zendo is an inductive logic game using plastic blocks, wedges, and pyramids. We will not be teaching the game, but rather jumping right into playing it.

Zendo for the Advanced Player

Zendo is an inductive logic game using plastic blocks, wedges, and pyramids. We will not be teaching you how to play, but rather jumping right into a game for this session.


Zany Competitions

Here are some other ways we are having fun!

Scavenger Hunt

About this time last year, we were restless and wanted to get outside, so we made ourselves a scavenger hunt that would get us some fresh air, exercise, and a chance to enjoy all the spring beauty. We had so much fun that we'd like to try it with all of you this year! We will meet on Zoom to distribute lists and discuss the rules, then you will have one hour to go on a photo hunt in your neighborhood. You will need a smart phone in order to take pictures and text them to us as you hunt so that we can create a slide show for everyone to enjoy when we reconvene to finalize scores and declare a winner.

Family Feud

Come on down and become a contestant on a special Looney Labs edition of Family Feud! Kristin will captain one team and Andy will captain the other. Survey Says... you don't want to miss this!