Math Fluxx 1.0 vs Math Fluxx 2.0

Math Fluxx was originally published in 2017. After three years, we decided to make a siginficant number of revisions to the game, and called the new version Math Fluxx 2.0. Designer Andy Looney provides a detailed explanation behind the revisions in a recent blog post, called Revising Classics.

If you have the First Edition and play it using the Plan C Meta Rule, the gameplay will be fundamentally the same as in the updated version, so there's nothing wrong with continuing to use that deck.

However, for those who see this list and yearn to update their deck with the revised cards, we've made an "upgrade pack" available through our friends at the Game Crafter.

A detailed description of all the changes is listed below to the left; to the right are directions for incorporating the cards in the Upgrade Pack into a First Edition deck.

You may wish to compare the Math Fluxx 1.0 cardlist with the Math Fluxx 2.0 cardlist. Note also that 1.0 came with the old-style rulesheet, while 2.0 includes the updated rulesheet.

Detailed List of Changes from Math Fluxx from 1.0 to 2.0:

The two MetaRules (Plan B and Plan C) were swapped out for two different MetaRules:
  • Math Rules, which simply makes the game All Math All the Time
  • Keep Going, which has you play an open-ended game of accumulating as many Goals as you can before whenever-the-game-ends

Four Goals were changed into Actions that give a one-time card draw bonus to whoever meets the criteria:
  • Sequence
  • Binary Number
  • Lowest Score
  • Highest Score
Also, one additional Action of this type was added, called Biggest Number

Three Goals were outright eliminated:
  • Nothing
  • Two Pair
  • Thousands
Three New Rules were removed, all functionally replaced by the Math Meta Rule:
  • Times Victory
  • Plus Victory
  • Combo Victory

With those six cards gone, six new Goals were added:
  • How Many Trombones (76)
  • Minutes or Seconds (60)
  • Sum of the Factorials from 1 to 5 (153)
  • The 33rd Prime (137)
  • The 2nd Perfect Number (28)
  • Skidoo (23)
One of the Zero Keepers was eliminated to make room for that extra Action mentioned above.

The Graphics on two Goals were changed to be clearer:
  • Today’s Date
  • Your Own Age

The Rule Grafting was changed to be called Combine Digits.
To use the Upgrade Pack, you will remove these cards:
  • Plan B
  • Plan C
  • Times Victory
  • Plus Victory
  • Combo Victory
  • Nothing
  • Two Pair
  • Thousands
  • Sequence (Goal)
  • Binary Number (Goal)
  • Lowest Number (Goal)
  • Highest Number (Goal)
  • Today's Date
  • Your Own Age
  • Grafting
  • one of the Zero Keepers

...and replace them with these cards:

  • Math Rules
  • Keep Going
  • Sequence (Action)
  • Binary Number (Action)
  • Lowest Number (Action)
  • Highest Number (Action)
  • Biggest Number (Action)
  • How Many Trombones?
  • Minutes or Seconds
  • The 33rd Prime
  • The 2nd Perfect Number
  • Skidoo
  • Sum of the Factorials from 1 to 5
  • Today's Date
  • Your Own Age
  • Combine Digits