June 4, 2008
Volume 1, Issue 2

Feature Article

Who's the Zombie Boss?


If you're a Fluxx fan, you probably already have Pandora's Boxx, a fancy wooden box for your Fluxx deck that comes with a really cool exclusive promo card of the same name. Now Looney Labs is releasing another fancy wooden Fluxx box, with another exclusive new card, but this time it's for Zombie Fluxx. The new box features the Zombie Fluxx logo on the top, and like Pandora's Boxx, it's available in two sizes, small and large.

The new card you'll get with this new box is called Zombie Boss and it's a New Rule which grants special powers to the player with the most Zombies, i.e. the Zombie Boss. This was something we hadn't thought of until one day when we were playing the game at ZombieFest with a bunch of Zombie fans and someone asked "Do you get to be the Zombie King if you have the most Zombies?"

Being the Zombie Boss has several special advantages. Firstly, you get to draw an extra card each turn. Secondly, if the Action Eaten By Zombies is played, the player with the most Zombies (that's gonna be you) would be forced to discard a Keeper; however, you become immune to this as the Zombie Boss, so that the player with the second largest mob of Zombies must suffer the loss of a Keeper. Lastly, if the dreaded Zombie Victory Ungoal is accomplished, then instead of the game ending with no winner, the Zombie Boss wins!

Add the Zombie Boss card to your Zombie Fluxx deck! Now available at Looney Labs SuperStores (visit roster.looneylabs.com to find a store near you) or online at LooneyLabs.com.

Trivia Question

How many Zombies did Looney Labs send out into the world during the first week of October 2007 when the product was released?
a) 7763
b) 25,154
c) 201,838
d) 674,166

Scroll down to see the answer.

Current Online Specials

Visit LooneyLabs.com to find out how to get a FREE Computer promo card (can be used in any version of Fluxx), FREE Flowers & Fluxx, or a FREE Purple Game Bag which you can use to hold all your Looney Labs games. Coming later this year, we'll be offering other deals with special coupon codes which we'll be including in future issues of this newsletter.

Ask Andy

Q: The Pandora's Boxx card says "Draw a card. If it's a New Rule, put the card into play, if not, discard it. Keep doing this until you have played 3 New Rules cards". When the Pandora's Box card is played and you are drawing cards to look for New Rules cards, and you draw a Creeper, do you have to put it down in front of you or does it get discarded?

Andy's answer: "Great question. Since Creepers didn't exist when we made up that card, we didn't take this case into consideration! I think in the spirit of both the Pandora and Creeper concepts, you should be required to put any Creepers you draw in front of you while dealing with this action. However, that interpretation would need to be established as a House Rule, since the wording on the card clearly indicates that all non-Rule cards drawn because of Pandora are instantly discarded and never even enter into the player's hand."

Survey of the Month

Which do you think is the most important to include in your Zombie Uprising Home Defense Kit? (And if you haven't prepared your kit yet, remember: a Zombie uprising could theoretically happen at any time! Are you ready?)

Take the Survey! We'll post the results in our next newsletter.

Results of Last Issue's Survey

Our last survey question was: "Which of these Icehouse Games designed by Andrew Looney do you like best?"

The winner was: Treehouse!

Here are the results of the 89 votes cast:
Treehouse - 23.6%
IceTowers - 20.2%
Martian Chess - 19.1%
Martian Coasters - 18.0%
Zark City - 10.1%
Black ICE - 5.6%
Twin Win - 3.4%

Trivia Question Answer

201,838. We mailed out 7763 Zombie Fluxx decks during the initial release, and since each deck contains 26 Zombies, we unleashed over 200,000 individual Zombies in one week!

Thanks for Playing Looney Labs Games!