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What is Custom Loonacy?

A custom Loonacy deck is a personalized version of our game, Loonacy. Because any images can be used for the game, we have made it possible for YOU to choose the images for your custom deck - at a cost of only $10 each! 
What is Loonacy?
It is a crazy fun fast-paced matching game for 2-5 players, published by Looney Labs. To see how Loonacy is played, watch this sample game video


TEACHERS: Custom Loonacy is an excellent and more effective alternative to flash cards and worksheets for any memorization task, such as multiplication tables or sight words. (Page coming soon with more information!)



    • Welcome Bags
    • Table Displays
    • Reception Favors


    • Mother's/Father's Day
    • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
    • Company Vision

     Personalized Gifts 

    • Wedding
    • Secret Santa
    • Teacher Thank You

     Group Memories 

    • Family Reunions
    • Sports Teams
    • Graduating Class

     Reading Help 

    • Sight Words
    • Vowel Sounds
    • SAT Vocabulary

     Looney Labs Artwork 

    • Just Desserts
    • Nature Fluxx
    • Get the MacGuffin

     Math Practice 

    • Shapes & Colors
    • Multiplication Tables
    • Fractions, Decimals, & Percents

     Museum Gallery 

    • My Art Portfolio
    • Currency of the World
    • My Wacky Sock Collection

     A Bit of Cheer 

    • My Favorite Things
    • Beautiful Images
    • Bucket List


    • Branded Promotional Items
    • Contest Prizes
    • Catalog of Products/Services

     Just Plain Fun 

    • Collective Nouns
    • Cute Animal Pictures
    • Funny Faces

     Science Topics 

    • Animal Classification
    • Water Cycle
    • Chemistry Elements


    • American Sign Language
    • Hebrew
    • Semaphore

     Second Language Practice 

    • Spanish Animal Names
    • French Household Items
    • Farsi School Words

     What Will You Make? 





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    Watch the Looneys play a sample game of Loonacy!