Cthulhu Fluxx Launch Kit

Download this Cthulhu Fluxx Event Flyer to announce game events for Cthulhu Fluxx
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This Launch Kit is sold out at this point. Sorry!  For current promotions, retail stores should ask your distributorand individual fans should check out our Game Technician demo program. 

product announcement for Cthulhu Fluxx 

This marketing kit will only be available for a limited time...  


  • Turn Token - limited edition Challenge Coin, commemorating the launch, showing you were part of the team that helped launch this product. 1.75" enameled metal coin.
  • Demo Copy - a full production copy of the game, with a demo copy sticker on the box
  • 25 Promo Cards - a game play card that peels off a marketing postcard with room to promote your store
  • Poster - an 11"x17" full color poster of the game
  • Playmat - an 11"x17" playmat for teaching the game
  • a two page Letter with advice and demo guidelines