Authorized Looney Labs Distributors

US Sales
US Hobby (+ International) Sales
  ACD Distribution
  Alliance Game Distributors
Comic Book Store Sales
        Diamond Comics
Toy Store Sales
       R&M Distributors
Independent Book Store Sales
       Brybelly Holdings
International Sales
  Lion Rampant
  Esdevium Games
Other International Distributors
         For more international options...
       Publishers Service Inc (PSI)
Direct Sales
   Looney Labs
       All of our games and marketing kits are always
         available direct from Looney Labs as well...
         (301) 441-1019     or    (301) 331-1019

Frequently Asked Questions

In January 2012 Looney Labs focused its distribution options down to this short list of distributors. PRESS RELEASE

Q: What Looney Labs products are available from distribution?
A:  Please download our current Product List.

Q: What is the deal with the ?
A:  Many of our distributors only sell our A-line games which are found in our wholesale catalog, since these are the games that can sit on a store shelf and sell themselves, and this is what most stores do.  But many Hobby Game Stores are different...  they teach and promote and play games with their customers, and we make a bunch of marketing materials and short run items to help them do this.  Stores who offer these extras are marked with a Daisy on our Online Store Locator, and the distributors who sell them these items are marked above with a Daisy.  

Q: I'm a Toy Store or Book Store and I want to get these extra items too!
A:  You can, but you need to buy them either directly from Looney Labs or from one of the distributors who sell them. Our non-hobby distributors don't sell enough of these smaller items to stock them.   

Q: I'm an international Hobby Game Store and want to get these extra items too! 
A: At the moment, you can only sign up for our Marketing Subscription Service through the distriubtors marked with a Daisy in the list above (or directly from Looney Labs). Both Alliance and ACD sell to international stores, so you can sign up with them if you are interested. You can always order marketing and short run items directly from Looney Labs as well.  

Q: Wait, I'm confused, we buy Looney Labs games from a distributor that is not on this list...  
A: PSI distributes our games to a long LIST of International Distributors that are not listed above. If you are another international distributor interested in selling our games, or your international distributor is not on our list, contact PSI and they will help you find the best option for you to buy our games.