A puzzle game of causing eruptions and matching pieces to collect a set of trios.
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Kristin Looney
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Stuff You Need To Play: 
3 Trios each of 8 different translucent colors
6 small pyramids of opaque colors (for example, 3 black, 3 white)
Volcano Board (5x5 grid)


Volcano - Sample Game

Publication History

  • Volcano is one of 12 games featured in Playing with Pyramids, published in 2002.
  • A variation of this game known as Caldera was included in Pyramid Primer #1. The rules from that version are still availble in this PDF.
  • This is one of the 22 games featured in Pyramid Arcade.

Other Notes

  • The Pyramid Arcade version of Volcano is technically a variation called Fiesta Caldera. We feel it's the best version, so it gets the original name.
  • Since this game pioneered the usage of the 5x5 grid, we call all such boards Volcano boards.
  • The Designer's original page about the game