Players alternate placing flat pyramids on any square on the board, pointing to an empty space. The first player unable to make a move loses.
Downloadable Rules: 
Joseph Kisenwether
Year Created: 
Stuff You Need To Play: 
5 Trios of a color for each player
a 5x6 grid

Publication History

  • This game is mentioned in the back of the Pyramid Arcade rulebook, on the list of "22 Other Great Games" recommended by the pyramid community.

Other Notes

  • Synapse-Ice is a semi-original game designed by Joseph Kisenwether for the 3rd Icehouse Game Design Competition 2005.  It was inspired by the paper & pencil game Synapse, invented by Pierre Berloquin and first published in 1976.
  • No PDF is available, but rules can be found online at the icehousegames wiki link above.