You are a real estate developer competing with others to strategically develop a new subdivision. Where you build is somewhat restricted and what gets built next to you affects your value. Bring down your competitor's value while maximizing your own.
Downloadable Rules: 
Carlton Noles
Year Created: 
Stuff You Need To Play: 
1 different colored Stash per player (alternate setup for 3 Trios/player)
5x5 - 8x8 grid, depending on the number of players & pyramids
0-9 tokens depending on the number of players & pyramids

Publication History

  • This game is mentioned in the back of the Pyramid Arcade rulebook, on the list of "22 Other Great Games" recommended by the pyramid community.
Other Notes
  • No PDF is available, but rules can be found online at the icehousegames wiki link above.