Pieces drawn randomly from a bag react to others you’ve saved as you seek to build a set.
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Andrew Looney
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3 Trios in each of 5 colors
Cloth Bag
3 tokens (dice are handy)


Powerhouse - Sample Game

Powerhouse - Tutorial

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Other Notes

  • Meltdown Limitation Rule: Usually, players will focus their attention on trying to win, rather than single-mindedly seeking to prevent anyone from doing so. However, if you find yourself with a player who insists on pulling a cube each turn so that no one can ever make any progress, add this rule: Players can only choose the Meltdown option 3 times during the course of the game. Each player starts with a trio of pyramids of an unused color, and must discard one of these tracking pyramids each time they trigger a Meltdown.
  • The Looney Labs FAQ page has a section for Questions about this game.
  • Here's a handy Reference Chart for the power reactions in Powerhouse: