A territory-based war game. Tarot cards create the gameboard and give players special powers.
Downloadable Rules: 
John Cooper with Jake Davenport, Kory Heath, and Kristin Matherly
Year Created: 
Stuff You Need To Play: 
5 Trios of a color for each player
A Tarot deck

Publication History

  • The earliest version of this game was published in 1996, in More Icehouse Games, with the name Arcana.
  • The name became Zarcana when the game was featured in 1999's Icehouse: The Martian Chess Set.
  • After experimenting with numerous rules variations, a new version of the game emerged and was given the new name Gnostica.
  • Rules for Gnostica first appeared in issue #14 of Hypothermia, July 2001.
  • Gnostica was featured in Playing with Pyramids, published in 2002.
  • Gnostica is one of 12 games for which special cards were created during the Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter campaign.
  • A custom card deck for Gnostica is available at the Game Crafter.

Other Notes