Builders of R’lyeh

A stacking and dexterity game about constructing the alien city of R'lyeh. Try to get your pyramid atop the tallest crazy spire in the city of Cthulhu before it sinks into the sea.
Downloadable Rules: 
Matthew Rogers
Year Created: 
Stuff You Need To Play: 
1 different colored Stash per player (cool "slimy" colors suggested)
+ 1 extra stash for Cthulhu (black is good)
12-sided Cthulhu die from Steve Jackson Games, or a regular d12, or 2 D6
7-13 floor tiles, depending on the number of players

Publication History

  • This game is mentioned in the back of the Pyramid Arcade rulebook, on the list of "22 Other Great Games" recommended by the pyramid community.

Other Notes

  • No PDF is available, but rules can be found online at the icehousegames wiki link above.
  • PDFs of "floor" cards are available for download at that link as well, and also helpful die-roll reference cards.