A high-speed cooperative game of launching missiles at the Apophis asteroid before it hits the Earth on April 13, 2029!
Downloadable Rules: 
Erik Dresner
Year Created: 
Stuff You Need To Play: 
1 Trio each of red, yellow, green, blue, black
52 cards, with suits of 13 cards in red, yellow, green, blue. A Zark City deck or other available card games with this distribution would work. Card value does not matter.
A 15-minute timer • 5 tokens
1 six-sided die

Publication History

  • This game is mentioned in the back of the Pyramid Arcade rulebook, on the list of "22 Other Great Games" recommended by the pyramid community.

Other Notes

  • Winner of the Spring 2009 Icehouse Game Design Competition.
  • No PDF is available, but rules can be found online at the icehousegames wiki link above.
  • Some sources say Apophis will hit on April 13, 2029; others give different dates, or say it won't hit us at all. We'll find out soon enough!