Cadet Training in the Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains


So you've been introduced to Looney Pyramids and heard about Cadet Training. That's awesome! But now what? If you're interested in progressing to the rank of Starship Captain, here's some information that will help you. If, after reading through this page you have questions, please email

Overview: Starship Captains


Andy Looney and his friends have been playing and inventing games for these pyramids for more than 25 years! There is a huge variety of games, some are quick and easy, others require strategy and more time. There are literally hundreds of pyramid games to choose from. A fan of the Looney Pyramids, who knows how to play at least ten games, is known as a Starship Captain. Until you know ten games, you will be known as a Space Cadet. you can call yourself a First Class Space Cadet as soon as you know 3 or more games. Please join the Starship Captain FaceBook Page to meet other Starship Captains. 

Starship Captain Challenge Coin




If you are a Starship Captain, you can buy a Starship Captain Challenge Coin, go to this secret webstore link and order your coin. 




Cadet Training (a cool thing we are not doing anymore) 

Before we published Pyramid Arcade in 2016, the Looney Pyramids were sold as a more ala carte DIY system. When the pyramids were being sold in the three cloth bags (IceDice, Treehouse, and Pink Hijinks) Looney Labs developed a Cadet Training program to help pyramid fans enlist more pyramid fans. We have an amazing group of Starship Captains that are registered as Game Technicians who regularly demo Looney Labs games, including the Looney Pyramids gaming system. We developed a printed Syllabus so our Starship Captains could host training sessions to teach other Cadets to play ten pyramid games so that they too could call themselves Starship Captains. The ten games taught in the training course were all fun, easy games designed by Andy Looney - and all ten of them now come in his new boxed set, Pyramid Arcade

So although the Cadet Syllabus (folding directions) is still available for download, and all the rules to the ten games listed in the Syllabus are still available online to download, we have not updated the branding on any of this to match the new world since Pyramid Arcade became the best way to purchase Looney Pyramds. 

Membership Cards


Back in 2012-2014 we made beautiul custom membership cards for Starship Captains who wrote in requesting them...  but the software broke and the printer broke, and we got out of the custom membership card business. 

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