Werewolf Product Announcement


Are you a Werewolf? - new packaging - now available!

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Are You A Werewolf? is back in stock!  A Game of Deception, Paranoia, and Mob Rule... Are You A Werewolf? is a crazy fun party game for 7 to 15 players. Our NEW packaging is a wedge design that easily fits into a standard Fluxx display, giving it the perfect place on your shelves.  Additionally, the game now comes with 3 blank cards so customers can add their favorite characters to the game.  Best of all - it has a low low price point of only $6 MSRP!



Name:  Are you a Werewolf?
Release Date: August 2012

Packaged in a wedge shaped box (3.75" x 5" x .25") 

SKU:  LOO-019
ISBN: 1-936112-34-5
EAN: 978-1-936112-34-0
MSRP: $6