Event Support Request

As a small company, we have to set limits for how much we can give away. We currently only support CONVENTIONS, with a preset kit which features a combination of our most recent releases and our lesser known offerings.  The kit is free, but we do need at least 4 weeks to process your request. Please fill out the form below with all the necessary information to be considered for convention support. 


  • Silent Auctions
  • Raffles
  • Fundraisers
  • Tricky Tray or Basket Auctions

If you are running an unsupported category of event, please do not contact us, and remove us from your list of potential donors for these sorts of events.

If you are running a tournament or event which for you might need a temporary supply of demo copies, we are experimentally starting up a Demo Copy Lending Library - email us for details!

If your event falls outside one of these categories, and you think you have a unique idea for how to feature our products, feel free to email your proposal to us at event-support@looneylabs.com.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to send our event package to international events, as the shipping is too expensive.

City, State, named venue if applicable
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