Street Date = May 23, 2019 

Star Trek: DS9 Fluxx  Product Announcement


imgName:  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx
Street Date:  May 23, 2019

Explore the farthest reaches of the universe in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fluxx! Work alongside Benjamin Sisko, Quark, Jadzia Dax, Worf and all your other favorite space station personnel while you try to gather Gold-Pressed Latinum and study the Wormhole. But watch out for nasty Surprises and Creepers like the Founders and the Jem'Hadar. 

                             MSRP:  $20.00
                     Game SKU:  LOO-098 
                     Game UPC:  857848004789       
                     Demo SKU:  LOO-DC-098
                  Display SKU:  LOO-098-D
                  Display UPC:  857848004833
                            Box Size 3.75" x 5" x 1" 
                     Box Weight:  8 oz.    
                   Display Size:  3.8" x 5" x 6.75"
            Display Weight:  2.5 lbs.
                   Case Weight:  23 lbs. 
        Units per Case:  48
**Star Trek: DS9 Fluxx comes in a 2-part box,
packaged 6 units to a display and 8 displays per case.**

  PLEASE NOTE: We are not making a demo kit or a marketing kit for these products.
  Demo copies are available from us or our distributors at a 70% discount. We might print and
  send out posters at a later date, that is still to be determined. 


We are setting a delivery date on these items of two days before the street date.  

  • Distributors: It is okay to send this to stores a little early, so they are sure to have it ready for sale on street date, but please make sure you promote the street date as the date they can start selling the game! 
  • Retailers: Please don't sell it until the street date if your copies arrive early! 


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