22 Games from Another World!

Pyramid Arcade is a complete game library in one box. Inside, you'll find everything you need to play 22 different tabletop games, each of which uses the pyramid gaming pieces in a different way. The games in this arcade range from easy to complex, from mostly-luck to pure skill, and from time-killer to brain-burner. Developed over the course of more than twenty-five years, the games in this set are truly out of this world!


Inside Pyramid Arcade, you'll find: 90 Pyramids, 8 Mini Gameboards, 1 Two-Sided Folding Gameboard, 2 Deluxe Plastic Boards, 9 Dice, 1 Deck of Special Playing Cards (with 5 suits!), 1 Mini Deck of Twin Win Cards, 1 Deck of Arcade Cards, 1 Drawstring Bag, 1 Turn Token, 1 Starship Captain Sticker, and 1 Instruction Book.

The instruction book has detailed instructions to play the following 22 games: Ice Dice, Zark City, Color Wheel, Black Ice, Twin Win, Treehouse, Petal Battle, Launchpad 23, Volcano, Hijinks, Ice Towers, Lunar Invaders, Verticality, Homeworlds, Powerhouse, Looney Ludo, Pyramid-Sham-Bo, Give or Take, World War 5, Petri Dish, Martian Chess, and Pharaoh.




Street Date: November 3, 2016
SKU: LOO-074
UPC: 857848004413 
MSRP: $77

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