The Looney Labs Holiday Gift for 2011


imgOur 2011 Holiday Gift is a digital release of rules for a new game for Looney Pyramids - It's called Pyramid Shambo and  it's a tournament-style version of Rock-Paper-Scissors! 

Pyramids are used as scoring markers, and the penalties for losing a round escalate when players get into those cycles where they keep matching each other's choice. When you lose all your pyramids you get knocked out of the game, after which there are consequences for those who "invested" in your future by collecting pyramids of your color.

2-5 can play with 1 Rainbow stash, and if you also have a Xeno stash, as many as 10 can play! It's easy and exciting, and it's great for a group to play at a big dinner table.

The Rules are now online - but DOWNLOAD THIS PDF and your rules sheet is accompanied by a recipient-printable holiday card.  Happy Holidays from everyone here at Looney Labs!