Nanofictionary 1.0 Card List

Settings (17 cards)
  • the bus depot, near locker #17

  • a clearing in the forest

  • the dangerous objects factory

  • the shopping mall, just before closing

  • the diner, shortly after 4:00 AM

  • a distant city

  • on the grounds of an insane asylum

  • the ice cream parlor

  • the lunar colony

  • a polynesian tiki lounge

  • a remote tropical island

  • a submarine, below the surface

  • the subway station

  • the underground secret hideout

  • up in the sky

  • the World’s Fair

  • the beatnik coffeehouse

Characters (29 cards)
  • the alien disguised as a human

  • the assistant manager

  • the bleary-eyed waitress

  • the deranged inventor

  • the dude who always says “dude”

  • the eccentric professor

  • the evil twin

  • the hippie with really long hair

  • the homeless person with a compelling sign

  • the incognito starship captain

  • the late night talk show host

  • the little black cat

  • the men in suits

  • the millionaire

  • the mischievous children

  • the guy in the apartment upstairs

  • the pizza delivery guy

  • the president

  • the relentlessly inquisitive reporter

  • the inner city schoolgirl

  • the slightly defective robot

  • the snake with a great personality

  • the super-evolved sentient broccoli

  • the superhero with unhelpful powers

  • the team of expert scientists

  • the time traveler visiting from 1888

  • the troubled loner that no one really pays much attention to

  • the vegetarian songwriter

  • the household of three

Problems (17 cards)

  • a bungled robbery attempt

  • a dead body

  • disagreement about something unimportant

  • a terrible accident involving food

  • a terrible storm

  • an escaped animal is at large

  • caught red-handed

  • something is on fire

  • strange noises

  • suddenly, a fight broke out!

  • the directions were misinterpreted

  • the interdimensional doorway is closing

  • their vehicle was in a collision

  • they were out of food

  • he’s got a gun

  • trapped!

  • “Who ate my brownies?”

Resolutions (17 cards)
  • a statue was built in their honor.

  • a war was narrowly averted.

  • duct tape saved the day again.

  • it was all just a dream.

  • the Earth was totally destroyed.

  • the place burned to the ground.

  • she decided to stay.

  • they never saw each other again.

  • they realized they were in love.

  • they snuck out and went home.

  • he spent 6 weeks in the hospital.

  • they spent two years in jail.

  • they totally got away with it.

  • they went back to their hum-drum lives.

  • they were finally rescued!

  • they were given a handsome reward.

  • they were never seen again.

Actions (12 cards)

  • Uncrumple (4 cards)

  • Brainstorm (2 cards)

  • Complication (4 cards)

  • Plagiarize (2 cards)

Numbers: (6 cards, 1-6)


Grand Prizes (6 cards)

Runner Up (6 cards)


This makes a total of 110 cards in the box. The card list for the current edition of Nanofictionary can be found here.