Aquarius 1.0 Card List

Goals (5 cards)
  • EARTH, a.k.a. Flowers, Grass, Green
  • AIR, a.k.a. Clouds, Rainbows, Sky
  • FIRE, a.k.a. Red, Orange
  • WATER, a.k.a. Fishies
  • ETHER, a.k.a. Stars, Purple, Space

Actions (15 cards)

  • Move a Card (3 each)
  • Zap a Card (3 each)
  • Trade Hands (3 each)
  • Trade Goals (3 each)
  • Shuffle Goals (3 each)

Single-Element Panels (10 cards)

  • Earth (2 each)
  • Air (2 each)
  • Water (2 each)
  • Fire (2 each)
  • Ether (2 each)

Multi-Element Cards (30 cards)

  • 2-panel cards with Vertical dividers (10 different): one of each possible combination
  • 2-panel cards with Horizontal dividers (10 different): one of each possible combination
  • 4-panel cards (10 different): see notes below

This makes a total of 60 cards in the box. A rulesheet is also included.

Notes on 4-panel cards (a.k.a. "Quads"):

The game does not include every possible arrangement of these panel combinations. We could only pick two arrangements for each combination. Because each of the two quads of each type is different, we will describe each one, panels listed clockwise from the upper left, card in portrait orientation. (If you have a card that does not appear to match what is listed, try turning it 180 degrees.)

water, air, fire, ether
air, fire, ether, water

water, ether, earth, fire
ether, earth, fire, water

air, earth, water, ether
earth, water, ether, air

air, fire, ether, earth
fire, ether, earth, air

air, water, earth, fire
water, earth, fire, air