March 1, 2012
Volume 5, Issue 1

Feature Article

Here Comes a Cyclone of Fun!

Our next version of Fluxx is almost here, and it's all about the wonderful land of Oz!

We decided to make Oz the next destination for Fluxx because there seems to be a lot of buzz about Oz in the air right now. Oz references are Everywhere you look. Nowhere is this more true than in Hollywood, where (according to an article we noticed last summer) there are no fewer than eleven new Oz-themed movies in the works. These include the big-screen adaptation of the Broadway hit Wicked as well as a prequel that tells the story of how that balloonist from Nebraska became the Wizard of Oz. Anyway, the time just seemed right for Oz Fluxx, so Andy built a prototype, and everyone had so much fun with it, we just knew it had to be the next Fluxx.

Actually, there was one other reason we choose Oz next. We are also in the midst of developing the long-requested Cthulhu Fluxx, and we really wanted our prime artist Derek Ring to be the illustrator for that project; but he was too busy with other work at that time. So we decided to let Cthulhu slumber while we skipped off down the yellow brick road.

That left us needing to choose another artist, and we're really pleased with the new talent we discovered. His name is Michael Hays and he brought a wonderful freshness to the Oz Fluxx illustrations. Thanks for the great work, Michael!

Check out the new Oz Fluxx video for a peek at Michael's illustrations, and at the cards in Oz Fluxx in general.

Oz Fluxx will land in game stores on March 23. Pre-orders are now being accepted!

[To those obsessed with Cthulhu: we're planning to bring out Cthulhu Fluxx in August. If you just can't wait that long, you'll have the chance to playtest Cthulhu (and other prototypes) with Andy & Kristin at the following upcoming conventions: LunaCon, PAX East, Boston Anime, and Midsouthcon. (Those who know designer Keith Baker can also stalk him, since he is in possession of the other Cthulhu Fluxx prototype.)]

Trivia Question

Why are the Ruby Slippers not a Keeper?

Scroll down to see the answer.

Ask Andy

Q: What are the most interesting differences between the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book and the classic movie?

A: "There are many to choose from. Some are little details, like the Green Spectacles which, in the book, everyone is required to wear at all times in the Emerald City. Others include whole adventures which were left out of the movie, like their travels after the Wizard flies off in his balloon, through a land of living porcelain people, and encounters with the hammer-head monsters.

The difference which struck me as being the most interesting, however, was a bit more subtle. In the original book, it's made much more clear that the Scarecrow doesn't need a brain, that the Tin Man already had plenty of heart, and that the Lion was anything but a coward. The Scarecrow is always the one who comes up with the plan, even as he whines about how brainless he is, while the Tin Man cries up a storm over the tiniest of bummers, and the Lion is always the first to rush into a fight. So the message - that the power you seek is already within you - is much more obvious in the book."

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Q: Which type of our games would you like to see more of?

Almost 70% of respondents said they would still love to see us make more Fluxx, however there is lots of desire for brand new games too - thanks for the feedback, we are working on exciting new things both Fluxx and non-Fluxx for the future!

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Trivia Question Answer

Because they aren't Ruby Slippers, they are Silver Shoes. Since Oz Fluxx is based on the original book, and not the movie, we couldn't call them Ruby Slippers, let alone depict them as such on a Keeper. So Andy came up with a New Rule called Magic Shoes as a way of referencing the slippers without indicating their color. This allowed us to include them in a way that wouldn't be too jarring for those familiar only with the movie, while also allowing those who've read the book to recognize them as being the Silver Shoes. (Plus, they just became more fun as rule, since using their power requires you to click your heels together 3 times...)

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