November 25, 2010
Volume 3, Issue 3

Feature Article

Give everyone the gift of FUN this holiday season!


A bundle of Looney Labs Games makes a great gift for everyone on your list:

A Starter Set for the Family! Get the younger kids in the game!
What to get: Aquarius and Family Fluxx

Time-Traveler's Delight! Great Scott, this is heavy Doc!
What to get: Back to the Future: The Card Game and Chrononauts

Make it Interactive! Movie Night just became Game Night!
What to get: Back to the Future: The Card Game and Monty Python Fluxx

Bring on the Hordes! ... but who are you rooting for? The Martians or the Zombies?
What to get: Zombie Fluxx and Martian Fluxx

For the Sci-Fi Fan! Back To The Future and Flying Saucers: A great double feature!
What to get: Back to the Future: The Card Game and Martian Fluxx

For the History Buff! The complete Time-Travel Set!
What to get: Chrononauts, Early American Chrononauts, The Gore Years, and Lost ID's

The Sinister Set! Zombie and Traitors and Fun, oh my!
What to get: Zombie Fluxx and Are you the Traitor?

Learning was never so much fun! Learn about ecology and improve your reading skills!
What to get: EcoFluxx and Fluxx

Please look for a store near you that sells our games - search by zipcode at You might even find one of these bundles in your local game store - we won a contest to design a holiday display plan-o-gram! If you must buy online, please buy from us! To help you stretch your holiday shopping dollars, here is a coupon for our webstore to get $5 off any order over $35. Shop at: and use coupon: HH535X (expires Jan 15, 2011).

Back to the Future is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and U-Drive Joint Venture. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All Rights Reserved.

Our Holiday Gift

Each year (since 1989) the Looneys have been creating a Holiday Gift for their fans. Some big, some small, some given just to a few, and some mailed out to thousands. This year it was not in the cards to do a physical mailing out to everyone - but we do have a Holiday Gift for you! It's one of several new pyramid games Andy has been creating recently!

Simple to play, just a few moments to learn, and it's great for all ages! And you only need one Treehouse set worth of pyramids to play. The struggle for control of the middle square has a "king of the hill" feeling to it, so we named it after the "king of the pyramid" as you might say, i.e. the Pharaoh.

Give it a try - you can download it here: Pharaoh

Trivia Question

With food on our minds (see Survey question below), we wondered: How many Food Keepers have there been? (Note that drinks don't count, plus we're only talking about ready-to-eat human foods, not Zombie Food, nor living things that could be eaten in EcoFluxx, etc.)

Scroll down to see the answer.

Ask Andy

We asked Andy "What are YOUR answers to this week's survey questions?"

Andy's answer: "My least favorite thing is those green beans. As for my favorite thing, it's often the mashed potatoes. But when I was growing up, it was always the dinner rolls. Nothing beats those dinner rolls my mom learned to make from my grandmother. I just posted the recipe at!"

Ask Kristin

Q: What's going on with the new Looney Labs Fan Club site?

Kristin's answer: "We have a new site we hope to open up to everyone soon! If you would like to get involved early as one of our beta testers, drop me an email and let me know."

Survey of the Month

Holiday Foods! Since it's Thanksgiving, everyone's looking forward to that big holiday feast. Which part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is your favorite?

Take the Survey! We'll post the results in our next newsletter.

Results of Last Issue's Survey

Here's what the 112 people who responded to our Back to the Future survey said:

Which of the 3 movies is your favorite?

  • 66.1% - Back to the Future
  • 19.6% - Back to the Future: Part 2
  • 14.3% - Back to the Future: Part 3

Who is your favorite primary character?

  • 77.0% - Dr. Emmett Brown
  • 21.2% - Marty McFly
  • 1.8% - Biff Tannen

Who is your favorite supporting character?

  • 25.9% - Einstein the dog
  • 15.2% - Lorraine Baines
  • 15.2% - George McFly
  • 13.4% - Principal Strickland
  • 8.0% - Clara Clayton
  • 5.4% - Seamus McFly
  • 5.4% - Jennifer Parker
  • 4.5% - Buford Tannen
  • 3.6% - Mayor Goldie Wilson
  • 2.7% - Marty McFly Jr
  • 0.9% - Needles
  • 0.0% - Marlene McFly
  • 0.0% - Griff Tannen

Trivia Question Answer

13 Food Keepers! That's 3 from Original (Cookies, Bread, & Chocolate), 3 from Family (Cheese, Cake & Ice Cream), 4 from Stoner (Pizza, Brownies, Ice Cream, & Nachos), 2 from Zombie (Donuts and Sandwiches), and 1 that was only ever released as Promo Card (Tarts).

Thanks for giving Looney Labs Games as gifts this holiday season!

That coupon again - HH535X (expires Jan 15, 2011) - $5 off a $35 order at