March 8, 2010
Volume 3, Issue 1

Feature Article

EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx all dressed up and ready to go!


The new versions of EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx are now shipping!

In the Wild... You Must Adapt to Survive! Will you win by having your Bears Eat Fish? Or will someone change the Goal so that their Frogs and Insects can make Night Music? EcoFluxx combines the fun game-play of Fluxx with nature's wild interconnections. Play ecology themed Actions and New Rules like Scavenger and Composting, but watch out for Creeper cards like Forest Fire that can hurt everyone!

The new version of EcoFluxx has some major changes including 16 new cards, (three of which are Creepers) and full color card art. Discover a little about how things go together, with EcoFluxx, the nature game of ever-changing rules.

If you have kids at your Family Game Night, get a copy of Family Fluxx - with simplified rules and bonus cards targeted to family members, this is a game your family will ask to play over and over again. Family Fluxx can be played by children ages 6 and up (or younger children who are learning to read). The only updates to Family Fluxx are the packaging and the Rules Sheet in our new standard format, so if you already own this classic family game, you will not need the new version.

Please support your local retail store and buy your new Looney Labs games from them! Search by zip code here: If you must buy online, please buy directly from us.

Exciting new Promo Card Postcard Technology!

Looney Labs is excited to offer vastly improved Promo Card Postcards to celebrate the launch of the new versions of EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx. This new technology lets us offer Promo Cards that peel right off the postcard with a completely smooth die-cut edge - and the card backs match our regular deck cards perfectly!

The new Promo Card Postcard for EcoFluxx is a New Rule called Recycling, which can be used in any Fluxx deck.

The new Promo Card Postcard for Family Fluxx is a Goal called Summer Vacation, which can only be used in Family Fluxx.

Check out all our other Promo Cards!

There are also new posters available for EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx.

Trivia Question

Why was Nothing Beats a Large (Andy's most recently released Icehouse game) code-named Secret Project RPP?

Scroll down to see the answer.

Ask Andy

Q: Why did you decide not to add any Creepers to the new edition of Family Fluxx?

Andy's answer: "While we've made a lot of changes to the new versions of regular Fluxx and EcoFluxx, including the addition of a few Creepers, we decided to change nothing about Family Fluxx except the box and instruction sheet. Since the deck already featured color illustrations, the artwork didn't need changes, and since one of the points of Family Fluxx is to be a smaller, easier version of the game, we didn't really want to add anything to it. Creepers in particular fall into this category. Having retrofitted every other version of Fluxx to include at least a sampling of Creepers, we wanted to keep at least one version free of the scourge of the Creeper and true to the original 4-types-of-cards model. That said, we did talk about Creepers for Family Fluxx, including Homework and Chores (which I suppose we could still make someday as promo cards or something). Another thought was that if Family Fluxx were to contain any Creepers, it should simply be Rain, reclassified as a Creeper, like we did with War and Death and Taxes in original Fluxx. But at the end of the day, it made the most sense not to add complexity to Family Fluxx with Creepers."

Survey of the Month

We are working hard on designing a brand new web site for the Looney Labs Fan Club, which should launch in the summer/fall of 2010. We are just digging in on the details of the design, and are looking for feedback from our fans.

Please take a moment and take this quick survey - we want to hear your feedback!

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Results of Last Issue's Survey

Our question last time was: When do you start your holiday shopping?

The winner was: I wait until pretty close to the last minute...

Here are the results of the 50 votes cast:

  1. I wait until pretty close to the last minute... 38%
  2. I shop for holiday gifts all year long... 32%
  3. I dig in on my shopping the day after Thanksgiving... 20%
  4. I start shopping for holiday gifts over the summer... 10%

Trivia Question Answer

Nothing Beats a Large was called Secret Project RPP because the working title had been Rock Paper Pyramid, due to the game's obvious similarity to Rock Paper Scissors. Andy called his game Rock Paper Pyramid for a full year during development before discovering that someone else had already used that name for another RPS-inspired Icehouse game. Upon learning this, Andy renamed his game, and he actually likes the new name better. (But to avoid further such problems, Andy has since quietly announced the names of 3 other Icehouse games he's developed but hasn't yet released: IceDice, Petri Dish, and Powerhouse.)

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